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The Things You Need to Know About Beads


The Things You Need to Know About Beads

You have a long beard and wants to be creative about it! Then you have just come to the right place. Wearing a beard in your beard can give you a traditional Viking look. Many history lover tough dudes with a long beard wear these beads. The length of the beard should be 2 inches long for capable of wearing a bead. In the Viking age, wearing a bead was the symbol of masculinity and strength. Some of the readers may wonder that what is exactly Norse beard beads? Well, the beads are just like rings wear in the beard or in hair. You must have seen the characters of famous historical TV shows actor wore those. The history of the beads was from the Viking age. Viking people wore many kinds of jewelry those days.

The people wear two or three beads on the facial hair depends on the length and style of your beard. If you will search on the google images, you will come up with different images of braided beards. If you too want a bead in your beard then you should have a long beard. These days, these beads are very famous due to the famous TV show-The Vikings. The warrior wore those beads and you can too wear them to feel like a fierce warrior. It will kind of fun and rewarding. So, in this article, we will discuss the Viking or Norse beads style.

Different Viking Beads Style

Well, there were many kinds of beard style in the Viking age. It all depends on the person what kind of style it likes. If you really want to wear a bead with Viking fashioned beards then you must know the different styles. As you can see that the fashion of beard style always change so was the case with the Vikings. In Viking age, many men do not bother to grow a full beard because they like to have long curled mustaches. But still the Viking warriors almost most of them have long beards. So, if you have already grown your beard then at some time you will be compared to a Viking warrior. We will share some tips with you to keep your beard strong and healthy:

  • Trim your bear always around the cheeks and chin.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to not trim your beard on hard lines. It is better to allow the hair to grow naturally on your jaw and chin.
  • After that, you can trim the beard as the way you like.

Trimming Was Important in Viking Age

Yes! It is true that the Viking also trim their beard as it was important. You should consider trimming your long beard. When you see that your beard is long enough, trim it to give it a style of your liking. Trimming helps you to keep your beard tidy and clean. There are two ways to trim your beard, one is dry trimming and second is wet trimming. Some of the people prefer wet trimming as it is easy. But we will recommend you to trim it dry. Another thing you can do is you can buy a good grooming kit to make sure that your beard style is in check. A good grooming kit includes all the necessary tools that you need.

Some Examples

Some of the examples of Viking beard can be seen in television series such as Vikings. There is a fictional character in this series called Jarl Borg. Viking love to wear jewelry to show their wealth and respect. There are many characters in this show that have braided beards.

How to Make One?

Some of you find it difficult to braid a beard but in reality, it is not so difficult. If you have a beard of two inches then you can go with the process of braiding. Follow these steps to braid your beard:

First, separate the hair that you want to braid. Also, you need to comb your facial hair properly to make sure there is not any tangle or knot. In the second step, separate the hair you want to braid. Lift that section and place it far right and leave in the middle. Repeat this step until it reached the desired length. After that place a facial hair wax and then slide the bead on your hair.

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