These Was The Last Chilling Facebook Message from the Officer Who Killed Herself at JKIA Yesterday


    jk1A female officer attached to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Wednesday morning shot herself dead while at work.

    It was reported that the officer, going by the name Gaudencia Wausi, shot herself in the head after locking herself in a lavatory at around 7am.

    “She had been on leave and resumed work today (Wednesday). She had been interacting well with her colleagues and did not show any signs of being frustrated. In fact, she was very jovial,” Kenya Airport Police Unit Deputy Commandant Rono Bunei said.

    He revealed that the officer removed her beret and swagger cane and placed them on a table at the Control Room before going to the lavatory.

    “All we heard was a gunshot and we found her seated on the toilet seat, dead, with an official Jericho pistol in her hand,” Mr Bunei said.

    Gaudencia was a mother of one and had shown signs that she was contemplating ending her life. Just 5 hours before committing suicide, she made this post on Facebook.

    “Life is so difficult when you live in a world where everybody is planning evil against you and what happens when you can’t hold it anymore and no more strength to support the few people who love and cherish you, you are left with no other option other than…. so help me God.”


    She also updated her Whatsapp status by posting a message to her son.

    “My sweet baby may you grow while blessed, always remember mum loves you” 


    It is still unclear what drove her to take her life. Her body was taken to city mortuary.

    Source: Nairobi Wire