Things You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On This Year


    The year started five months ago, and this is definitely not the time to make New Year resolutions (because the year is no longer new, duh), but it is definitely a good time to make wise financial decisions.

    The reason your money is slipping off your hands could be because you are spending it on the wrong things. Here are a few;

    1. Parties You Don’t Have To Show Up For

    Yes Friday is ‘turn up’ day, but not every Friday.

    Not every party you are invited to needs you, and the world will not end if you say no, contrary to what you might think.

    Miss out on the fun once in a while, and save up that money for something more useful.

    2. Household Items You Don’t Need

    Quite the shopper, aren’t you?

    You have loads of vases and crockery and decorative items for your house that cannot even find space so you have to load them at a corner and wait for the day you will actually need them.

    You are the shopper who is always thinking, ‘I don’t need this now, but who knows of tomorrow?’

    This question is not helping solve the bad habit of hoarding unnecessary items in your house.

    3. People Pleaser

    You do not know how to say no to anyone, do you?

    Friends know you as the go-to person for soft loans and quick fixes, not because you are rich, but because you never turn them away.

    Hey, it’s not a bad thing to be helpful to those around us, I mean, what else are we here for? But you are not the second savior of the world.

    It is said love your neighbor as YOURSELF because you need to love yourself FIRST. Enough said.

    Sometimes money filters right through our hands because of bad spending habits, not bills we need to pay.

    Give more attention to your habits, and you could save yourself enough for your dream holiday at the end of the year.

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