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This is What Future Passenger Planes Will Look Like


Travelling on a plane is not fun.. unless you have the money to pay for a business class or first class ticket. Essentially, what travelers would want is a self-contained seat with a lot of space to stretch legs.

While very few airlines offer that now, it may be the way of the future. Designers are working on creating much more comfortable conditions for all passengers, and with airplane sizes getting bigger, this may come to fruition.

Here are some of the improvements that may be common in future.

A personal entertainment system

plane4Some airlines have already started introducing built-in individual entertainment pods in some of their aircraft. This is one of the features you can expect to be more common in future.

Movie theater seats

plane1Introduction of movie theaters in airplanes is on the table. Some companies are already looking at ways in which travelers will feel like they’re in a cinema instead of a plane.

Italian company Aviointeriors has even come up with special airplane seats that fold up when no one is sitting on them.

Comfy seats with VR technology

plane2While Virtual Reality technology is conquering the rest of the world, airplanes have been slow to adopt it. But now some airlines are seriously looking into this.  Qantas plans to introduce a set of VR goggles to allow you to relax more easily while enjoying this new level of comfort. That will be coupled with super comfy seats.

In-flight help system

plane3Dutch company AirFi equips low-cost airlines with a special wireless system that uploads passenger information directly to your device. It offers you the chance to read in-flight magazines, select movies to watch, order food, and make duty-free purchases.

Individual sleeping cabins

‘Air Lair’ is an innovation by a company called Factory Design. If adopted by airlines, this would be a milestone in provision of in-flight comfort. Instead of traditional seats, sleeping ‘cacoons are provided.

Realistically, this would initially be provided for first class passengers.




The pods have their own individual light,sound source and temperature regulator. They require a significant investment, hence their adoption may be slower.

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Source: Nairobi Wire