This is What Happens When You Defrost a Tomato


    Is this is what happens when men hit 45′?

    Imgur user DracoLeCount uploaded a series of images showing what happened when he left a tomato to defrost.

    He took a photo every 30 minutes, and in each image the tomato descends into a sorrier state.

    In the first image the tomato appears frozen, with a layer of ice coating it.

    Then in the second, the ice slowly starts defrosting. As the shots continue, the tomato’s bright red skin surfaces and gets increasingly shiny.

    By photo 4 or 5, Draco spotted a puddle of water forming, and the tomato started ‘shrinking and melting’. The final shot shows it completely deflated and shriveled up.






    Well, now you know why humans cannot be frozen.

    Source: Nairobi Wire