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Tim Schrader: Locked up Abroad Where are they Now


  • Jailed Abroad: Bangkok Underworld – Tim Schrader
    At age 28, Tim Schrader left Australia to work as an English teacher in Bangkok. He loved the teaching and the nightlife but was struggling financially, so he agreed to participate in a scam. For $1,000 a trip, Tim arranged fake marriages with Thai girls and flew with them to other countries. After a few successful trips, Tim was offered a chance to make $10,000 by smuggling 4-8 kilos of heroin into the U.S. Although he knew he could face the death penalty if caught in Thailand, the money was too tempting to pass up. But at the airport, Tim was stopped at the check-in counter. In a back room, drug authorities found 10.5 kilos of heroin in his suitcase. Facing the death penalty, Tim plead guilty and was sentenced to life in Bang Kwang Central Prison. Depressed, he began to use heroin and after two years, tested HIV positive. Tim managed to kick heroin, and thanks to his mothers efforts, was granted a royal pardon on medical grounds over five years after his arrest.


  • Jailed Abroad: Saddam’s Iraq
    During the Persian Gulf War of 1990, Tom Lynch and John White made a daring escape attempt from the oil field where they were working, to avoid becoming human shields. However once in the middle of an inhospitable desert a betrayal between the two men occurred and they were captured by the Mukhabarat, Saddams infamous and terrifying secret police force, and plunged into a brutal world of torture and execution.
  • Jailed Abroad: Smuggler Makeover
    Michael Morey was a music-loving hippie who fell in love with a woman he met in Trinidad. But when he learned he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby, Michael agreed to smuggle cocaine from Ecuador to Europe. When he got to Quito, he was told he’d need to cut his dreadlocks. For Michael, cutting his dreads was like selling his soul, but he didn’t think there was another choice. On the day of his departure, he was duct taped with almost 4 kilos of cocaine. In the airport, Michael was almost caught twice: once by a chewing gum wrapper setting off a metal detector, and later by a guard with a German Shepherd. After arriving in Madrid, he nearly made it through customs, but at the last moment was stopped, searched and arrested. While in prison, Michael’s girlfriend broke up with him. He eventually married another woman and after his release in 2007, Michael and his wife moved to Florida.
  • Jailed Abroad: Tokyo Takedown
  • Jailed Abroad: The Real Midnight Express
    The 1978 film “Midnight Express” told the story of 23-year-old college student Billy Hayes ¯ his life, imprisonment due to drug smuggling and escape from a prison in Istanbul, Turkey. But because of legal reasons, neither the film nor the book, authored by Hayes, were completely accurate. Now, Billy tells the real story of being sent to the infamous Turkish Saðmalcýlar prison. After spending five years there, he was sent to Imrali, an island prison off the coast of Turkey. His journey to freedom from Imrali began after stealing a fisherman’s dinghy and heaving a skiff seventeen miles through the rolling waves to the mainland. However, once he reaches the shore, Billly runs into a military checkpoint, where he is immediately arrested. His captors turn out to be Greek, historically enemies of those who had previously incarcerated him, and Billy is granted his long-awaited freedom.
  • Jailed Abroad: Colombia Ambush
  • Jailed Abroad: Hostage To Terror
  • Jailed Abroad: Pakistan
  • Jailed Abroad: Bangladesh
  • Jailed Abroad: Kuwait
  • Jailed Abroad: Malaysia
  • Jailed Abroad: South Korea
  • Jailed Abroad: Nightmare In Chechnya
  • Jailed Abroad: Death In The Jungle
    Safari guide Mark Ross and his tour group were kidnapped by Hutu rebels in the jungles of Uganda and a brutal twenty-four hour ordeal of terror began that not all of them would survive.
  • Jailed Abroad: Kidnapped In Iraq
    2004: US forces are about to attack Tal Afar in Iraq. Journalists Scott Taylor and Zeynep Tugrul rush to the city to report this, but are kidnapped.
  • Jailed Abroad: Philippine Terror
    Within days of arriving in Philippines, Greg was kidnapped by a brutal Islamic terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda. Terrorized & tortured for 13 days, his only chance for survival was to escape.
  • Jailed Abroad: Delhi
    In 1999, Londoner Clare Matthews travels to Goa in India. After her money runs out, she supports her party lifestyle by mailing drugs to Europe. Arrested at post office, she awaits trial for years.
  • Jailed Abroad: The Philippines
    When celebrating their anniversary, Gracia and Martin were kidnapped by a Muslim Fundamentalist group renowned for beheading their victims.
  • Jailed Abroad: Taiwan
  • Jailed Abroad: Mexico Money machine
  • Jailed Abroad: Saudi Whisky Run
  • Jailed Abroad: Real Goodfella
    Henry Hill, the inspiration for classic movie Goodfellas, tells the true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob. After becoming a gangster in his teens, Henry had it all: money, cars, women and respect. But when he was busted dealing dope against the orders of his boss, he turned from an invincible wiseguy into a mafia snitch with a price on his head. Going even further than the film, he reveals how another drugs bust whilst in the Witness Protection Programme almost cost him his life. As Henry says himself “20 years ago Martin Scorsese made a movie about my life… but there’s a lot of stuff he left out!”
  • Jailed Abroad: Prisoner of Love
  • Jailed Abroad: Drug Dealer Revenge
    Loving father Robert Pringle is a successful Cape Town company director struggling to cope with a sudden corporate expansion. Exhausted, he begins using cocaine, and when his ex-wife leaves with his son to begin a new life in the Middle East, he spirals into addiction. After losing everything, Pringle goes to rehab, and emerges clean, but penniless and is introduced to a drug smuggler, who persuades him to bring a package of cocaine back from South America for $6,000. Pringle goes to Peru and is duly given a package to put in his suitcase. But he panics, and en route to Lima airport, dumps the drugs by the roadside. When he returns to South Africa empty-handed, the dealer threatens to have his kidneys removed for $50,000 or he will take revenge on Pringle’s family. The only other option is for Pringle will return to Peru and bring back the drugs. He reluctantly agrees, but this time he is set up. Forced to wear a ridiculous waistcoat obviously loaded with drugs, he is arrested at Lima Airport, and sentenced to spend seven years in a violent prison.
  • Jailed Abroad: Dare devil drug runner
  • Jailed Abroad: Backstabbed in Thailand
  • Jailed Abroad: Cocaine Trap
  • Jailed Abroad: Teenage drug smuggler
  • Jailed Abroad: Heroin sting



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