Tips On How To Keep Your Phone Battery Healthy


    The Internet is here! Phones are cheaper, more sleek and fun to have.

    But I think we can all agree that the batteries never last!

    This could be especially annoying if you have just set yourself and ready to browse the Internet, then the phone suddenly goes off!

    The good news is that there are ways you can care for your battery, and get it to last longer.

    Here’s are some tips;
    1. Store Batteries In A Cool Place
    We use our phones all the time, even when walking in the hot sun. Batteries do not like high temperatures.

    Do not leave your phone in environments exposed to heat, or use near furnaces.

    If you have to remove your battery and store it away for a while, then store it a cool place.

    2. It’s Safe To Charge Your Batteries Overnight

    It is perfectly fine to leave your phone charging overnight, this is because your phone has the ability to automatically stop taking up more charge once it is fully charged.

    The battery just sits there till you unplug it.

    3. Charge A Little Whenever You Can
    Try to avoid charging your batteries all the way to 100% all the time, then waiting till the charge is 0% to charge again.

    The moment your battery hits 20%, you should plug it into a power source, and charge up to about 80% and unplug.

    Batteries charged little by little store up more charge than a complete fill, especially if you waited till it’s completely empty.

    4. Have Gadgets That Allow For Replaceable Batteries
    Buy phones and tablets that have removable and replaceable batteries.

    This will allow you to swap batteries when one is empty and replace with one that is fully charged.

    This will be especially helpful if you have bad battery habits, you can always just swap and save a single battery the repercussions.

    Truth is, your battery will one day die, just like everything else does.

    But before then, we could do something to improve the life and our experience with the phones we own.

    After all, we live in times when we literally can’t do without our phones.

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