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Top 100 Mid Sized Companies 2018-2019 in Kenya


The Top 100 Survey focuses on fast growing mid-sized companies in recognition of the fact that the SME sector is a key contributor to economic growth.

Kenya Top 100 Survey

Kenya’s Top 100 mid-sized companies Survey (‘Top 100 Survey’) is an initiative of KPMG Kenya and Nation Media Group. The Survey seeks to identify Kenya’s fastest growing medium sized companies in order to showcase business excellence and highlight some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurship stories.

We strongly believe that there is a need to celebrate the entrepreneurs that have contributed to wealth and job creation in this country. Our intention, therefore, is that new role models and national heroes will emerge from the Survey.

What is a Top 100 Mid-sized Company?

Essentially, a “Top 100 Mid-sized Company” (‘Top 100 Company’) is one which ranks ahead of its peers in terms of revenue growth, profit growth, returns to shareholders and cash generation/liquidity. A Top 100 company has succeeded in progressively growing its market position in the industries in which it operates and over time, this growth has translated into both returns for its shareholders and a fairly sound financial position.

Key Distinguishing Factors

This Survey differs from other Surveys as follows:

  • Objectivity: Awards will focus on quantitative criteria.
  • Focus on medium-sized enterprises
  • Emphasis on large participation rate to ensure credibility of the findings and the Top 100 List
  • Conference and Exhibition for the Top 100:Free entry

Kenya Top 100

100. Viscar Industrial Capacity Ltd
99. Computer Pride Ltd
98. Coastal Image Technology Ltd
97. East Africa Tea Trade Association
96. Maroon Polymers
95. Ideal Manufacturing Company Ltd
94. Lekha Trading Company Ltd
93. Newline Ltd
92. Eurocon Tiles Products Ltd
91. Index Modern Living
85. Office Dynamics Ltd
84. Agoma Group Ltd
83. Coast Farmcare Agrovet Ltd
82. Digital City Ltd
81. Kaeser Compressors Ltd
80. Varsani Brakelining Ltd
79. Bimas Kenya Ltd
78. Belva Digital Ltd
77. Bagda’s Auto Spares Ltd
76. De Ruiter East Africa Ltd
75. Sideways Tours and Car Hire
74. Power Governors Ltd
73. R World Enterprise Ltd
72. TDF Group Ltd
71. Jamii Auto Care
70. Palmhouse Dairies Ltd
69. Valley Hospital Ltd
68. Magnum Engineering and General Ltd
67. Real Auto Spares Ltd
66. Express Company Ltd
65. Superbroom Services Ltd.
64. Mic Global Risk Insurance Brokers Ltd
63. Tikoo A Co. Ltd 62. Simba Technologies Ltd
61. Makini Schools
60. Economic Industries Ltd
59. Tandu Alarm Systems Ltd
58. Zimele Asset Management
57. Nova Industries Ltd
56. Parshva Ltd
50. Northstar Cooling System Ltd.
49. Novel Technologies EA Ltd
48. Yogi Corp EA Ltd
47. Mojo Productions Ltd
46. Goodman Agency Ltd
45. Elite Offset Ltd
44. Ufanisi Freighters Kenya Ltd
43. Metco Ltd 42. Komal Construction Ltd
41. My Space Properties Kenya Ltd
35. Hotel Waterbuck Ltd
34. Pathcare Kenya Ltd
33. Polucon Services Kenya Ltd
32. Machines Technologies Ltd
31. Design Partnership Ltd
30. Isolutions Associates Ltd
29. Prafulchandra and Bros Ltd
28. Octagon Pension Services Ltd
27. Exon Investment Ltd
26. Bella Safaris Ltd
25. Polyphase Ltd
24. Victoria Courts Trading Ltd
23. Bluekey Seidor Kenya Ltd
22. RSA Kenya Ltd
21. Username Inc
20. I spy Africa Ltd
19. Eco Steel Africa Ltd
18. Executive Healthcare solutions Ltd
17. Rural Distributors Ltd
16. Babs Securities Services Ltd
15. Nationwide Electrical Kenya Ltd
14. Fayaz Bakers
13. Graceful Restaurant
12. Floor Decor Kenya Ltd
11. STL Horizon
10. Haji Motors Ltd
9. Questworks Ltd
8. Orange Pharma
7. Syner Medica Kenya Ltd
6. Nywele Creative
5. Trueblaq Limited
4. Mandhir Construction Ltd
3. DP merchants
2. Vivo Activewear
1. General Cargo Services Ltd

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