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Top Business and Technology Trends in 2021


Technology keeps evolving rapidly, making positive changes across several industries. Some of the technological advancements result from innovative discoveries made to counter unprecedented situations, the latest being the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the globe. We are talking about innovations realized both out of necessity rather than desire and those propelled by new trends.

Companies are adopting new working modules to keep their businesses relevant when a large percentage of business is done virtually. For example, in the online gaming industry, Betway continues to embrace modern technological trends that appeal to more customers even within their limited resources. This article highlights five of the top business and technology trends to watch out for in 2021.

Trend #1. Artificial Intelligence

In full Artificial Intelligence, AI is not a new trend in business but continues to attract a lot of attention thanks to its various effects on human lives. It comes with superior features in face and speech recognition, smartphone personal assistants, navigation apps, and so much more.

The same AI technology will be used to complete analysis when determining underlying connections and insights, to detect customer behavior patterns through real-time analysis, revenue generation, and generally improving personalized experiences.

Trend #2. Expansion of remote working and virtual conferences

The pandemic affected many sectors, but businesses needed to move. Working remotely became the norm in 2020, and the realization that it cut operating costs across some departments meant that we’d see more of it in 2021 and beyond. Online betting with Betway grew significantly, with online casinos recording new highs in registered users.

Zoom was launched in 2011, but surprisingly, it gained traction in 2020 after it was the most-adopted videoconferencing platform. Other similar platforms include GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Verizon’s BlueJeans, and Microsoft’s Teams.

Trend #3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are other exceptional technology trends that will be with us for some time. VR is meant to immerse a user in an environment, while AR enhances the same environment. It is a technology mainly used in gaming, but it is slowly making way into training.  In 2021, it is expected that VR and AR will be used in tandem with other new trends as it has great potential in entertainment, education, marketing, and medicine.

Trend #4. Blockchain

If you haven’t heard, the value of Bitcoin hit $55,000 for the first time. Well, that is not necessarily what blockchain is all about. The idea behind blockchain was to provide uncompromisable security. In simple terms, it can be understood as data that cannot be altered but can only be added to. Blockchains are driven by consensus; therefore, no single entity can take control of data, and there are no third-parties required for transaction validation or completion.

Trend #5. 5G

3G and 4G technologies have made it possible to access the internet and achieve a lot through video gaming and streaming. Increased bandwidths for streaming on multiple platforms have been seamless, and so has been gaming on Betway and other casinos, but 5G is coming to do even more. It will make it possible for services reliant on advanced technologies such as cloud gaming to blossom. Telecom companies like Apple, T-Mobile, Verizon, Nokia Corp, among other companies, are now working on establishing exclusive 5G app

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