Top Rated TV and Radio Stations in Kenya


    A Geopoll Media Measurement service released earlier this year revealed top rated tv and radio stations in Kenya.

    The ratings are based on the market share and positive feedback.

    A present, there are over 15 licensed local TV stations while several other are awaiting final nod. Of the 15, only a few have managed to stand out.

    The most popular TV stations are KBC, NTV, KTN, Citizen TV, K24, and QTV.

    Top Rated TV Stations in Kenya

    The Geopoll Media Measurement service analyzed top stations in Kenya by considering their coverage ratings during peak hours.

    The results showed that Citizen TV took the top slot in ratings measured during peak hours. The report also showed that its highest ratings were during primetime with an average score of 10.83.

    KTN takes the second slot with its highest ratings recorded between 7.00-7.30PM.

    NTV and KTN tie at 9.30PM but NTV overtakes the latter between 8.00-10.00PM.

    This has been summarized below:

    Kenya TV Ratings Q1 2017 graph
    Source: GeoPoll

    The Geopoll also considered average audience share across the day.

    Again, Citizen TV leads with the largest share; KTN comes second, while NTV follows closely.

    The Table below summarizes audience share across the day:

    TV Station Audience Share
    Citizen 33.7%
    KTV 11.1%
    KTN News 8.8%
    NTV 8.5%
    SuperSport 6.1%
    Africa Magic 4.6%
    K24 4.4%
    KBC 4.2%
    Inooro TV 3.5%
    Kiss TV 2.7%
    Other 12.4%


    Top rated Radio Stations in Kenya

    Geopoll‘s Media Measurement Service also analyzed top rated Radio stations at a national level.

    This involved an analysis of ratings and share for the selected stations.

    The results showed that Radio Citizen claimed the highest ratings throughout the day. Its highest ratings were recorded between 6.00-8.00AM and they stood at 6.64.

    Radio Maisha took the second slot with an average rating of 5.16. The highest ratings were recorded at between 6.00-8.00AM.

    Radio Jambo came third.

    This has been summarized below:

    Kenya Q1 radio Ratings.fw
    Source: GeoPoll

    The Geopoll also examined the average share where Citizen Radio maintained the top spot. Radio Maisha came second and Jambo came in third.

    Below is a summary of the radio audience share:

    Radio Station Percentage Share
    Citizen 16.2%
    Radio Maisha 12.8%
    Jambo 9.2%
    Milele FM 6.0%
    Classic 5.6%
    Kiss FM 5.2%
    Ramogi FM 3.2%
    Kameme 2.7%
    Inooro 2.7%
    Radio Taifa 2.5%
    Other 34.0%

    The 34% “others” share is for those stations which broadcast at a regional level across various parts of the country.

    For both TV and Radio, Citizen appears to be the top rated station in Kenya. The station has a strong focus on local programming and this may explain the high audience share.

    Citizen is also seen to target a wider audience share ranging from elites to lower-end social groups.

    NTV comes second in television viewership. Nation Media has been forced to close down QTV, QFM, and Rwanda’s KFM with the objective of transforming the Nation Media into a competitive digital content company. QTV was merged with NTV.

    As the local media continues to grow and diversify, the focus should be on transforming it into a 21-st century content platform.

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