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Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog in Kenya


If you are thinking of starting a blog, and are confused about what exactly to blog about, then this article is for you.

The blogging field is currently overcrowded, as everyone with a laptop, phone, and access to the internet is branding themselves a ‘blogger’.

To stand out over and above this crowd, you need to settle on a particular field your blog will focus on, and stay consistent with content over time.

Here are some awesome blog ideas:

1. Personal Diary

These are blogs dedicated to documenting the owner’s own experiences, thoughts, feelings, and stories. Many blogs I have subscribed to fall under this category.

On these blogs, the owner posts opinion articles, their own life stories, their poetry, a few pieces by friends, etc. They are personal blogs.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs cover day to day life stories; from relationships to food, to travel. If you have seen a fun blog that covers interesting topics like the aforementioned, then it falls under the lifestyle category.

Lifestyle blogs are fun to run, as the content is always available. What is important is to decide exactly which specter of lifestyle you’d like your blog to cover.

For example, a blog about your travels could also cover the different foods you indulge in on your trips, but would not really comfortably accommodate gossip around town.

An example of a lifestyle blog is lovinemboya.com

3. Sports

Sports blogs cover sports news. It could be regional or geared to cover a wider audience.

I have tried running a sports blog before, and I would advise that you have contacts of many people as possible in the sports world, as these always come in handy in getting content for your blog.

4. Technology

Technology blogs are an interesting sphere. The content never seems to end.

I have not personally run a technology blog yet, but a friend who forks out a minimum of four fresh pieces on technology by 6 am in the morning.

Technology blogs are fun, especially doing the device reviews (which I have done). However, these blogs need a lot of work and dedication. If you are the kind who rites once or twice a week, I would rather you start a blog on a different topic.

An example of a technology blog is trending.co.ke

5. Politics

Do you have great passion and interest in discussing the political scene in the country? Then start a blog for that!

The advantage with political blogs is the content just never runs out, the political drama, especially in Kenya, never ends.

However, with this type of blog, be prepared to rub a few people (or many) the wrong way. Have a prepared defense strategy.

6. Business

Do you want to cover business stories? Then start a business blog. Here, the ideas are endless.

You could do features on SMEs, profile business owners, young startups, job adverts, and of course current news in the business world.

From experience, these blogs attract advertisers fastest.

In summary, whatever topic you decide to base your blog on, it is more important that you choose a topic you are genuinely interested in.

Passion will keep you going when nothing else does. Trust me.

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Erwin Mogusu
5 years ago

Very informative ideas. I am now starting a blog.