TransUnion Nipashe Mobile App Review


    You can now access your credit report on the TransUnion Nipashe app.

    Ever wondered how most lenders decide whether they will approve your credit request? The answer is the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB).

    CRB collects and stores credit information of individuals and companies and forwards it to lenders upon request. TransUnion is an example of a company that provides such services.

    The company has designed a new digital product for its Kenyan consumers. You can now download the TransUnion Nipashe app from the Google Play store to start receiving up-to-date credit information.

    Earlier, consumers only received their credit reports via SMS.

    Consumers can still access the service by sending an SMS with their name to 21272 or 21CRB. The registration process costs Ksh. 50 while each SMS costs Ksh. 19.

    With this app, you get to save on the exorbitant SMS charges.

    Below is a review of the app:

    General Outlook

    The app platform is simple and easy to use.

    The icons are spaced well; hence, chances of mis-clicks are slim. The app is easy to use since the various options are straightforward.

    The absence of ads is also a plus.

    You can see all app sections without distractions.

    It is a bit annoying to keep pressing “no thanks” every time an ad pops up.

    Launch time

    A-Okay. With a good internet connection, you can access this app within seconds. The app is consistently responsive as I did not experience any lags.

    The good news is that you stay logged in; hence, you do not have to key in login details every time you want to access it.

    The uninteresting thing is that once you log out, you will have to key in your first and last name, ID and phone numbers. After submitting these details, a verification code is sent via an SMS and you have to key it in to gain full access.

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    Compatibility with devices and OS Versions

    The app has been optimized for mobile but it is only compatible with the Android platform.

    The Android system has to be v.4.0.3 and above.

    Security features

    They are not the best. If you are the type of person who does not log out, anyone who takes your handset can access your credit report.

    It’s not that it’s such a big secret but it not everyone’s business either.

    However, if you log out every time you use the app, you may be at an advantage unless someone knows your ID Number, first and second names as well as your phone number.


    I would say that the TransUnion Nipashe app is pretty A-Okay in terms of usability.

    The information captured was accurate, for my case, and the various options capture important credit information. You can now easily identify and work on areas that may be affecting your credit rating.

    The credit report provides comprehensive details including names of all credit facilities you are active with, how you are making payments and accounts that are in arrears.

    Given the high mobile penetration rates and increased data usage in Kenya, this app could not come at a much better time. Download the app to access loan accounts, credit report, and clearance certificate.

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    Hassan Adan
    Hassan Adan
    5 years ago

    ihave paid kcb mbank loan and still account shown that iam in CRB list pease chick my account my account is mkcblD 1812110887 account current 63maximum 63

    Hussein Abdi Ibrahim
    4 years ago

    I have paid KCB loan and yet my account show I still have loan.

    Hussein Abdi Ibrahim
    4 years ago

    I already paid KCB loan and still claiming loan balance.