Troubled Orange: ‘Clown’ Robert Alai in Bitter Fight With ‘Conman’ Edwin Sifuna


    sifuna-alaiAt a time when they need unity to counter a seemingly mighty Jubilee, the Orange is getting bitter. Robert Alai and Edwin Sifuna have been exchanging bitter words on Facebook all weekend.

    If you’ve been following, you know that Alai has been very critical of his party of late. Whether by coincidence or design, his voice against ODM has grown louder after his trips to State House.

    Some people have been claiming he received a ‘brown envelope’, while others believe he was blinded (or had his eyes opened) by the good treatment he got from the same people he has been abusing for years. It is even said that one of the best ways to win over enemies is by spoiling them with love.

    Anyway, lawyer Edwin Sifuna, who recently dethroned Ababu Namwamba as Secretary General, had enough with Alai.

    This is what he wrote this post on his page.


    I was in Mombasa one day and recieved frantic calls from Capitol hill to get the next available flight to Nairobi. Apparently one of “our bloggers” had been “kidnapped” by state agents and we needed to move swiftly with a habeas corpus application.

    I arrived and drove straight to town where this blogger of ours was. He had been found. He was shaky and visibly traumatized. We were just happy he was OK and the rest is detail. This same blogger has now developed vicious bravado and all he does on a daily basis is to malign ODM, saying he has “suffered for the party”! Spare me bro. Just spare me. But he is not alone. All these clowns who claim they do what they do “for the party” or “for Raila” should just shut up.

    So if Raila wasn’t there you wouldnt speak out against corruption, tribalism, extra-judicial killings and the litany of other evils that is the Jubilee Government?

    We know attacking ODM increases your premium to your suitors so stop with your feigned sense of righteousness. We were supposed to pay your bills because you “fought Jubilee”? What kind of men are these?

    For those of us born with a sense of right and wrong, we have no choice but to fight evil in all its manifestations. We do not do it for Raila Odinga. We do it becuase its what is RIGHT!

    It did not take long for Alai to reply. This is what he wrote.


    First let me assume that Edwin Sifuna is speaking about me. Ask Sifuna what case he ever represented me in. Case number? Complainant? It’s in which court?

    In the ODM circles, there are conmen. Professional conmen. Most of them are lawyers. Sifuna, Anthony Oluoch and 3 others belong to this group.

    They would see a story in the newspapers, tell ODM that they’d take the case on behalf of the party. Raila would be told that the lawyer is doing it for free. So the lawyers would connive with ODM bosses to defraud the party while Raila would be told its pro-bono.

    The same lawyers would never appear beyond the mention. You’d literally be begging them to be serious with the case even when they claim Ksh 500,000 and over for each case. That’s where Sifuna is.

    He has never represented me even in a SINGLE case. Orengo has. The conman called Edwin Sifuna hasn’t. Thanks !!!

    And then Sifuna replied.

    It is said only a thieving dog runs when you pick up a stick. Im going to make things simple for you Robert Alai. You are supposed to be a sleuth who “unearths” things. If you can produce a single payment voucher, copy of a cheque, bank transfer or any other proof of payment from Orange House, Capitol Hill, RAO or any of his associates to me in respect of Legal Fees for services rendered as an Advocate I will JOIN YOU IN JUBILEE today.

    Your move, clown.

    Alai then gave us a glimpse of the old him that got him locked up almost every week when he made some serious unsubstantiated allegations.

    Sifuna, stop impregnating young school girls in Bungoma’s Mteremko area and leaving them to fend for themselves. You want details, ask and it shall be provided.

    Well, grab your popcorn as we see how this ends.

    Source: Nairobi Wire