Tunukiwa Daily Offers: Is Safaricom finally on the right track with this one?


    Safaricom is back, this time the giant telco has introduced Tunukiwa bundles, a plan targeting the common hustler.

    This comes shortly after Airtel introduced a mobile subscription for cheap calls dubbed “Tubonge Bundles”.

    Telkom Kenya announced “Amkia Mbundle” which offers subscribers free 50MB data bundle valid from 6 am to 8 am daily.

    The Telkom Kenya (Orange) data offering is free. You can access it by dialing *50#. You can opt out by dialing *50#.

    This just goes to show that the quest to woo subscribers among the various Kenyan telcos is far from over.

    If you have been watching TV, you must have seen an ad on “Tunukiwa Daily Bundles” but Safaricom does not succeed in relaying the message well.

    It is not immediately clear exactly what is being advertised. That’s strange coming from Safaricom since the company has always had effective ads.

    What’s good with Tunukiwa?

    Well, several things stand out.

    First, the bundles are affordable even to the common man. Safaricom did get it right this time round. With Flex, the giant telcos had completely missed the mark.

    That was until it introduced the Ksh. 50 daily plan. That makes sense to a good number of Kenyans. To some extent.

    Tunukiwa and Flex are in two different categories but, in the end, reasonable pricing wins. It would be interesting to get subscription data for Flex to date.

    To subscribe to Tunukiwa, you should dial *444# and then choose your desired plan. An important thing to note is that the plan will be customized for you.

    This means that offers will be unique to all Safaricom users. Based on what? Your loyalty.

    The plan offers calls, SMS, and data all valid 24 hours. Below is a screenshot of the screen you are taken to after dialing *444#:

    Safaricom Tunukiwa plan for calls, SMS, and Data

    Tunukiwa a hit or a miss?

    A hit, to a large extent.

    The plans are quite affordable. It gives existing Safaricom subscribers a reason to stay connected at a cheap price.

    Safaricom has not explicitly specified the target market for the plan but from the look of things, it was looking to attract the “common mwananchi”.

    However, the best deals are on SMSs; hence, it is prudent to assume that those who love to text will be drawn to this offer more.

    Safaricom can now talk about customer satisfaction since they have finally introduced a reasonable plan for the common man. It seems that the giant telcos has been listening to customer complaints and the feedback is welcome.

    Should you try Tunukiwa Daily Offers? Absolutely. Safaricom accommodates you with as low as Ksh. 6.

    In the meantime, we can only expect price wars between the various telcos to escalate as has been evidenced in the past couple of months. The only thing we can say is: May the best telco win!

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    2 years ago

    But I want 20sh for 1GB

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    Plz as well as do me that