Uber Driver Exposed After Stealing Client’s Laptop at JKIA

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uber2Taxi hailing services have become a convenient and cheap way to move from place to place. Here in Kenya, Uber leads the field and hundreds of drivers have signed up as it provides a consistent flow of customers.

However, it has not been without incident.

Facebook user Jackline Mwende posted about an incident she had at JKIA. Uber driver Rashid Ibrahim made an attempt to steal her laptop.

Read below.

Yesterday I took a Uber to the airport. The Uber driver known as Rashid Ibrahim dropped me at the JKIA airport. When I went to pick a trolley in about 3 mins he had managed to get into my handbag and take my macbook and 100 euros. When we had loaded my suitcases on the trolley, I took my handbag from the passenger’s seat. That is when I sensed that my macbook was missing because my handbag was lighter than 3 minutes ago. I checked and for sure the computer had vanished! I asked him where my computer had disappeared to in just 3 minutes, he said he did not know.

I told him that he would not leave the airport and I would not pay him until I get my computer. I searched for it in his car until I found it hidden under the driver’s seat. I immediately elerted a nearby cop who fortunately had witnessed what was happening. He came in took his driving license and phone. I had to check-in for my flight so I left the cops at the JKIA questioning him. His numbers are 0792064768 and 0733239606. Uber name is Rashid. Registered in Mpesa as Rashid Mugoya Ibrahim. True caller name Rashid Spartan. Uber users beware. I have reported this to Uber. Waiting for their response.

After a few hours, Uber responded to Ms Jackline.


Be careful.

Source: Nairobi Wire