Rio student, 20, shares photos of Bolt ‘bedding’ her (Photos)




    Usain bolt is arguably one of the most decorated track and field olympian having won the “triple triple ina all his races.He has a long term beautiful girlfriend who he’s been dating for the last three years.

    Her name is Kasi Bennet,a media-shy 26 year-old who he calls her the ‘First Lady’ as he prefers to call himself the ‘President’.

    His sister Christine Bolt-Hylton has revealed that Bolt is seriously considering settling down with the gorgeous Miss Bennet and even his own mother expressed her disappointment in her celebrity sprinter son for not settling down.

    But in interviews,the fastest man on Earth,who won an earth-shattering ‘triple triple’ gold at the Rio Games,says that he won’t be settling down until he’s 35.

    And he’s just turned 30. That means,five more years of sexual notoriety,of random philandering,of cheating,of picking up random girls,of wildness and of boyish mischief.

    Something he obviously isn’t ashamed of. Or afraid of.

    As he was partying the night away at All In,a nightclub in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio,an upscale Rio nightspot,even taking the mic and hyping up the crowd,taking time to even get in the DJ booth and play ‘Mr. Selector’ to the packed throng of revelers,Bolt noticed some woman at a corner of the club. He liked her. He winked at her. And he decided he wanted to bed her.

    Not one to waste time,the celebrated athlete sent over his team of security men who picked up the girl and booked her for the man of the night.

    usain bolt wife

    The girl turned out to be Jady Duarte,a 20-year old mother of two who also is the widow of one of Brazil’s MOST WANTED drug lords responsible for the deaths and torture of hundreds,widespread drug circulation and wicked terror across the rundown Brazilians favelas and shanties.

    Bolt had been celebrating his 30th birthday at the club just hours after winning a historic “triple-triple” with his win in the 4x100m relay.

    Bolt knew none of that. And he still bedded her as she stealthily took selfies of her and the sprinter in bed.

    Additional info: Edaily

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