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    7 Reasons Why Vera Sidika Is Kenya’s Very Own Kim Kardashian

    Let’s start with what is blatantly obvious:

    1. The Booty

    Both girls have some serious booty and they are not afraid to flaunt it.Vera’s booty full appearance in P-Unit’s video ‘You Guy ‘propelled her into fame and who can forget how Kim’s infamous tape with Ray J propelled her from a state of obscurity to worldwide fame?

    2. They are smart

    Unlike most socialites who live for the moment and seem lost and caught up in the high life, Vera and Kim are smart and have managed to use their new found fame to build a brand name.

    Vera and Kim have managed to brand themselves not only in their countries but internationally. We are all aware of DASH a clothing line set up by Kim and her sisters; Vera’s business endeavors, however, remain a bit sketchy but it’s alleged that she gets paid quite a lump some for her video appearances.

    3. They are both cover girl material.

    Kim’s appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine grossed one of the highest sales in Playboy history.Vera Sidika is set to grace the cover of one of America’s best-selling publications King Magazine that showcases only the best booties in the world.

    The fact that she was the first Kenyan socialites picked, is an achievement in itself. If Vera appears on the cover, she will be joining sexy women such as Melissa Ford, Nicki Minaj, and Trina.

    4. They are both popular 

    We ran a Ghafla poll to find out who was your favorite socialite in Kenya and Vera won by a landslide. Kim Kardashian has a firm grasp on social media with approximately 18.6 Million followers on Twitter.

    5. They are both fashionistas 

    Vera Sidika is by far the most stylish socialite in Kenya and we all know Kim has one of those put together outfits that are guaranteed to land her a moment on the spotlight

    6.Thy first garnered media attention through friends turned foes

    For Kim it was fellow socialite Paris Hilton and for Vera it was socialite turned business woman Huddah Monroe.

    7. They both have very catchy names 

    Tthe kind of names you do not forget easily. Who can forget a name like Kim Kardashian or Vera Sidika?

    Video – Vera Sidika Twerking

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    francis muiyuro
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