This is The Exact Moment a Startled Bishop Wanjiru Was Unable To State Her University Dissertation on Live TV

    The screen shot captures the exact moment it happened

    Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s academic credentials have always been in question, and the events of Wednesday night did little to help her case.

    In a gubernatorial debate organized by Jeff Koinange, The Bishop kept getting on Miguna Miguna’s nerves, until towards the end when he questioned her academic credentials.

    Miguna asked her whether she has gone to University, which she replied in the affirmative, implying she, in fact, has several degrees. Always good with words, Miguna refused to stop there, instead of asking her what the title of her dissertation was.

    But for the quick intervention of Jeff Koinange, Bishop Wanjiru, who was visibly startled, would have had possibly her most embarrassing situation ever.

    Source: Nairobi Wire