Ways of Making Money Part-time in Kenya

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Most of us are stuck up with 8 to 5 jobs, which usually leave us exhausted by the time the weekend sets in. This also means we do not have time to do some extra work that could add great value to our financial status.

However, there are a few simple ways you can rev up your weekend, have some fun and still make the money. Here goes;

1. Online Writing

Believable advice from yours truly, seeing as what you are reading now is exactly what she is talking about. Right? If you love writing, then this is a simple way to make some extra cash in your free time.

Sites such as Fiverr and iWriter are great platforms to earn some money, and away from this, you can also write for people you know!

All around us people are looking for content creators for their blogs and websites. Just pay attention.

2. Start a fruit juice supply business

I wasn’t going to tell you to start ‘a business’ without telling you which business exactly you should start. A fruit business is a simple, less tasking, and fun business to start and run.

All you need is do your market research, know where you can get good ripe fruits consistently, get a juice blender, a sharp knife for slicing the fruits for salad, and nice plastic containers for packaging.

Oh, you’ll also need a venue. Suggestion; you could prepare the fruits from home, and only sell them at the stall. This will save you getting a big stall which in turn will cost more.

Just do your market research and you’ll see how much fun you could have while at this in your extra time!

3. Open a movie shop

This works perfectly if there’s no movie dealer in your estate. Not to say it wouldn’t work if there’s already one.

The good thing about starting a movie shop is you can employ a younger brother or sister to run the business as you while your days at work on weekdays, then over the weekends you watch your favorite movies on Netflix and chill as you make some extra cash. Make money out of your love for movies. How awesome!

4. Become a Fitness Trainer

Or even better, start a fitness club! If you are feeling maybe you are not yet ‘fit’ enough to be a fitness trainer yourself, you could start a fitness club and charge membership fees.

This is made easier if you already own fitness equipment, otherwise, you and your friends could pool respires and get a few things to start you off.

You will be having the fun at training, and also making the money per session a new person signs up for.

5. Betting games

I saved this for last because I am not a super big fan of gambling, but, if you are not gambling your rent away, or your food money, then go right ahead and try your luck at the bets.

You never know, you could be the next millionaire! So in your free time, study the matches, place the best bets and wait to see if you are the next lucky winner!

These are some of the ways that we can have fun and make some money away from work. Refreshing ideas that do not require too much of our energy, and some that we could probably play as we work!

SportPesa and Betin.

So go on and make that extra mullah.

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