Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019-2020

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The Internet is here! This not only means more people getting smartphones and using social media but also more people are building and using websites! From individuals to organizations to brands, the list is endless. We live in a world where it feels like to justify yourself, you have to be owning and managing a website, either for yourself or for a business.

This year we see new trends popping up when it comes to websites designs. Here are some you should look out for, and could adopt;

1. Fewer Items in The Menu
More websites are trying an easy to navigate interface, where the menu consists of a maximum of four items. Within each of these, there could be drop-down menus to enable access to the list of categories available. Having a website with a long list of items at the top is soon going to be out! The less crowded the site looks, the better!

2. Bolder Colors
Last year many websites I visited opted for a black and white theme, with a little pop of color here and there. This year though, we are going BOLD! From bright reds to oranges, to greens and yellows, websites are exhibiting more color and pomp! You could try out a favorite color of yours on your site, and see how it works out.

3. Dark Aesthetics
How many websites have you come across that have a black, or dark blue or deep maroon background? Quite a number I guess. One of my favorite bloggers uses a black background for hers, which makes the site look cool in a mysterious yet enchanting way! Dark backgrounds are in, unlike last year where most of the websites I visited had the default white background. You can try this and experience the magic!

4. Bold Typography
Oh yes! The name of the website in huge bold characters, the titles all in huge, bold characters. We have become more experimental in 2017, which is a good thing.

5. Full-width images
We are now going for website themes that allow for full-width images because this is not only attractive to the eyes, it also makes the websites look so complete! A good quality image is all you will need, for every single one of your posts. Otherwise, I really love this new trend, and will definitely implement it for my site.
If you are planning to open a website or already won one, always be on the lookout for latest trends, so you don’t get left out and wonder why more people prefer your competitors.


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