Wedding Bells: Prezzo Wedding His Girlfriend, Yola Soon

5 years ago

On Saturday, self-styled controversial rapper CMB Prezzo went down on one knee and asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage, a plea she emotionally agreed to.

However, it wasn’t clear whether the act was just for show as it was done before cameras and celebrities who had convened at a Nairobi hotel to shoot a local TV drama show.

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According to sources, the ‘My City, My Town’ rapper arrived at the venue as the shoot was going on and dramatically stole the show going down on one knee and popping the magic words: “Will you marry me.”

The star who is popular across Africa thanks to his music and memorable appearance in Big Brother Africa – where he also proposed to the late Nigerian singer Goldie – has been trying to settle down since he got divorced from his wife Daisy Kiplagat in 2013.




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