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What Kenyans Searched for on Google in Kenya 2018


Sharon Otieno, Miguna Miguna, Samantha Sex Doll Top2018 Google Searches by Kenyans

Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno has emerged as the most searched personality on Google by Kenyans in 2018.

Sharon, who was seven months pregnant with Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s child was brutally murdered and his body dumped in a forest in Homa Bay county in September.

Her lifeless body was found dumped in Kodere forest two days after she was abducted from a hotel in Rongo town by unknown men.

Controversial deported Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna is the second most searched person on the global search engine by Kenyans followed by Manchester United Chilean attacker Alexis Sanchez.

Interactive sex doll dubbed Samantha was the fourth most-looked-for ‘person’ on Google as Kenyans sought to find out how it works and looks.

At number five most searched person on Google is Swedish musician and DJ, Avicii, who allegedly committed suicide in April while Citizen TV news achor Jacque Maribe, who was charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani alongside his boyfriend is the sixth most googled individual.

Troubled Tanzanian gospel songstress, Rose Muhando, Duchess of Meghan Markle, Ugandan singer turned politician Bobi Wine and the late former United  Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan closed the list of top ten most googled personalities by Kenyans.

Generally, World Cup 2018, Sharon Otieno, Miguna Miguna, KCPE 2018 results, Alexis Sanchez, Samantha sex doll, Avicii, Jackie Maribe, Black Panther movie and Rose Muhando are the top ten Google searches by Kenyans.

Top 10 trending local personalities are Sharon Otieno, Miguna, Jacque Maribe, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, State House Spokeswoman Kanze Dena, Governor Okoth Obado, Kenneth Matiba, Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndabiri, Monica Kimani and late singer Joseph Kamaru.

In “How To?” category, most Kenyans searched for How to file nil returns, How to check KCPE results, How to write an application letter and How to make money online. Others are How to get pregnant, How to make pancakes, How to write a report, How to lose weight faster and How to start a business. ~ Source: Mwakilishi

Below is the overview of the top trending 10 searches by Kenyans in 2018:

Top Trending Searches- Kenya

  1. World Cup 2018
  2. Sharon Otieno
  3. Miguna Miguna
  4. KCPE 2018 results
  5. Alexis Sanchez
  6. Samantha
  7. Avicii
  8. Jackie Maribe
  9. Black Panther
  10. Rose Muhando

Top Trending Events 2018

  1. World Cup 2018
  2. Raila swearing-in
  3. Lunar Eclipse
  4. Lecturers’ strike
  5. Royal Wedding
  6. KDF recruitment 2018
  7. Winter Olympics
  8. Migori by-election
  9. Zimbabwe elections
  10. Ali Kiba wedding

Top Trending Global Personalities

  1. Alexis Sanchez
  2. Avicii
  3. Rose Muhando
  4. Meghan Markle
  5. Bobi Wine
  6. Kofi Annan
  7. Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang
  8. Croatia President
  9. Prince Harry
  10. Billy Graham

Top Trending Local Personalities

  1. Sharon Otieno
  2. Miguna Miguna
  3. Jackie Maribe
  4. Babu Owino
  5. Kanze Dena
  6. Okoth Obado
  7. Kenneth Matiba
  8. Kirinyaga Deputy Governor
  9. Monica Kimani
  10. Joseph Kamaru

Top Trending “How To?”

  1. How to file nil returns
  2. How to check KCPE results
  3. How to write an application letter
  4. How to make money online
  5. How to file KRA returns
  6. How to get pregnant
  7. How to make pancakes
  8. How to write a report
  9. How to lose weight faster
  10. How to start a business

Top Trending “What is?”

  1. What is lunar eclipse?
  2. What is Samantha?
  3. What is the Blue Economy?
  4. What is sex?
  5. What is riparian land?
  6. What is Halloween?
  7. What is ovulation?
  8. What is bitcoin?
  9. What is communication?
  10. What is management?
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