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What’s Huduma Namba – Logo, Pilot & Jobs

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The Kenya Immigration Department announced that Kenyans wouldn’t be able to receive government services unless they register for the new “Huduma Namba” that is currently being rolled out.

what is Huduma Namba?

All Kenyans and foreigners aged six years and above are expected to be registered digitally and given unique numbers containing their personal data. The government purports that this is a way to “eradicate forgeries of national identification documents and crime”.

Huduma Namba Logo

Huduma Namba Logo

Huduma Namba Logo

According to reports from the Immigration the new system will contain personal details of all nationals and foreigners of age 6 and above living within the territory of Kenya. The system is programmed to capture Bio metric data such as fingerprint, voice, DNA among others. The system will then issue out a unique identifier number called ‘Huduma Namba’ that will be used in getting Key government services.

A person who is not registered under the Huduma Namba programme will not access government services such as registration and replacements of ID card, application and renewal of driver’s license, NHIF, NSSF, Birth certificates, Cash transfers to the elderly, and subsidized farm inputs among others.

According to the Immigration Department, to register for the Huduma Namba, you need either of the following identification documents; an ID, Birth Certificate or Driving License and be present at the registration centers for biometrics. The compulsory process will run for 30 days and one can register from chief’s camps across the country.

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