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Why Cool Technology Can Sometimes Flop


In the 21st century, technology has come a long way already. From bulky phones to miniscule-sized smartphones and laptops of today, many inventions are still continue towards a path of innovation. As many startup and thriving companies continue to compete with each other recently, the end of technology is nowhere to be found. In fact, a lot of the upcoming modern technologies are expected to rise in the following years.

However, despite the fact that technology is continuing to upgrade itself from their last versions in a succeeding manner, there were also technologies that flopped and has since made a name for itself in the most ridiculous way. Of course, in the light of humiliation inflicted on these products, the creators are also put in heavy public scrutiny.

If you’re someone who likes to innovate something in the digital age, be wary of the reasons why technology flops. To know more about these reasons, continue reading:

Somehow risky or unsafe to use

There are technologies which pose a risk or threat whether online or offline. If it’s online, most likely it’s about the popping advertisements on your browser, asking you to try a digital product you haven’t even tried before.

It may also be the websites that you’re visiting. If you’re looking for a reference site with proper licenses and approvals, visit Betway to have an idea about appropriately regulated websites. If you don’t know what Betway is, it’s a website for sports bettors online. Betway also uses an SSL certification for confidential information.

As for offline technology, it includes appliances, furniture, and more. If, for example, your child turns on an appliance without you in the room, the kid might get hurt in the process. That’s why families are keen on technology and its safety for kids.


Too expensive

As prices peak in terms of necessities, education, and the likes, people are getting more frugal when it comes to spending their daily budget for satisfying their needs and wants. That’s why for a new tech to appeal to the general public, it must position itself in a way that it can provide value given its hefty price tag.

If it’s not purposeful when it comes to proving its value for people, it will fail to be recognized by consumers. As much as possible, it should be purposeful in terms of value and functionality for its worth to equate with its given price.


Doesn’t solve problems

Every person seems to have problems in their life. Most probably, it’s something that could be solved through sound technology. Innovations should have a bigger purpose than providing temporary relief for people. At most, it should solve a problem that can make people’s lives more efficient.


Too bulky

Technologies that are often too big to fit in a room has a lower consumer count than those which are compact to handle. Since many people are trying to live in a limited space with limited items, choosing an item that’s bulky will decrease your storage room for more items, and, therefore, make it more crowded. Hence, people try to avoid technologies that are too big and heavy and pick something that’s fitting for their daily use.

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