Woman admits to be madly in love with Governor Hassan Joho


    It was drama as usual in the ever dramatic Kilimani Mums Uncensored Facebook page to confess her undying love for Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

    A Facebook user Dorry Amonde Okoyo from Kisumu claimed that she had fallen for the governor, not just because he is loaded, but for his stunning looks as well.

    She claimed she would die for an opportunity with him behind closed doors.

    She admitted that she had tons of photos of the governor on her phone and every time she looked at them, she got sexually aroused.

    She was begging the governor to make her his sex slave because she thought he was ‘“handsome and cool” and would care less about his money.

    The Mombasa Governor has been a talk of the town as women drool on her good looks.

    Sometimes this week a photo of the governor preparing a meal popped up online, women from all walks of life were awed, with some seeking to know whom he was cooking for, wishing it were them.

    County 001, Governor Joho Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali JOho

    Women have been known to be awed by the bad boy character, which apparently oozes thick and heavy in the way Joho conducts himself.

    The ever-vicious buoyant Governor is known to spit venom and at one time exchanged words with Mp Ferdinand Waititu. The governor is also known to be the sexiest governor in the county and has a sharp sense of Fashion.

    Joho owns a  licensed gun which earlier on had been confiscated by the government. Who would bother a woman who is dating an armed man and has the guts to shove Mike Sonko in President Uhuru’s presence.

    Another Facebook user was quoted.

    “Yes! ndio watoto wangu wakuwe wasupuu kuruka (so that my kids can be as good-looking). I like him because of his looks. Money is not a must because I can take care of myself very well. If only I was single…”.

    Additional info in The Nairobian

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