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Woman Caught Faking Pregnancy with Balloon


A woman has found herself in hot soup after she was caught faking pregnancy.

The women identified as Purity Kiritu was hiding a balloon in her clothes under the guise of being pregnant.

Kiritu had been admitted at Othaya District Hospital on Wednesday at 7:30 pm after pretending that she was about to go into labor.

After preparing a delivery room in readiness for her bundle of joy, the nurses were shocked to find a red inflated balloon neatly tucked under her clothes.

It is then that they decided to inform the local police who came to the hospital and arrested the woman. The balloon was not spared either as it was taken in as evidence.

The 21-year-old woman reportedly traveled from Nairobi to Murang’four days ago to stay with her mother-in-law Ms. Josephine Wairimu where she would deliver.

Other reports say that she was under pressure from her husband who works as a boda boda operator to give him a child.

Below are the Photos showing the woman faking pregnancy and the balloon:

Maajabu ya Musa.

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