YY explains how he is surviving after quitting Churchill Show (Photos)


    Many comedians who quit  Churchill Show for their own reasons, you can recall the case with Teacher Wanjiku, Eric Omondi and many others who have quit.YY is back on TV just not with Churchill Show or NTV! The comedian publicly announced he was quitting Churchill Show to save his own career that was sinking.

    Comedian YY in a past event at Churchill show

    Sharing the news on social media he said

    “It was nice being on Churchill Show, I loved it and I appreciate it, but I quit. why? my talent is too strong to be killed by Computer Desktops, my God is more powerful too…No pleasing Human in good faith ‪#‎God‘speed. It will be my last show. #MOVINGUP. ” YY posted the shocking announcement on Facebook in May.He also cited that prompted by the omission of his scenes from the edited one-hour program.

    Comedian YY: Photo Courtesy

    YY has landed a job on KU TV’s ‘The Comic Show’ which showcases the best of upcoming humorists who are striving to make it big at Churchill Show and other major comic show.

    YY is an alumnus of Kenyatta University where he pursued Health Records and Information Management. He began professional acting in 2011 where he did plays with The Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre of Kenyatta University has since launched a T.V station.

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