Equity Bank Eazzy Banking App Review and Download

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In 2016, Equity Bank gifted us with Eazzybanking. This was a gift well deserved after years of making serpentine queues starting from the counter to the city council lavatories-they are always a bit far from banking halls, well mostly.

About two decades ago, banking halls were the main venues for transactions. They were prestigious and anyone with a bank account was seen as superior and rich. As more people embraced banking, serious challenges began to emerge. Going to the banking halls in the morning meant canceling plans for the better part of the day and if you are a foodie, packed lunch was a necessity. Technology should be applauded. I am almost envious of those who are born at a time when almost everything is easily accessible by simply touching a button.

Is Eazzybanking a convenient way of banking? Would anyone trade it for conventional banking? Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Pay-day woes involved making unending and meandering queues, enduring being stepped on, pushed, enduring a combination of weird smells, suspicious stares, people jumping queues and everyone yelling at them as if they just committed treason, and having to deal with that sorry looking person waiting to get a share of your money just outside the banking hall or ATM.

The most annoying and one that irks most is when someone receives a receipt that clearly indicates that they have insufficient funds yet they go ahead and put their card back at least thrice! Well, Eazzyapp sorted this mess. This app allows customers to send money, pay bills, access loans, pay for goods and much more. A customer can do that anytime anywhere and this is such good news. Equity Group is the biggest bank in terms of customer numbers; hence, any innovation that saves you a trip from the bank or ATM is welcome.

The app has a good interface that has been optimized for mobile. Users can easily navigate through the various functions without any hurdles. The screen is not cluttered and important functionality in menus has been featured. One of the most commendable things is that users do not have to be overwhelmed with numerous competing icons or call-to-action links. The interface also incorporates customer care contact options and this is plausible.

The array of products is commendable. EazzyPay, Eazzyapp, EazzyLoan, EazzyChama, EazzyNet, EazzyBiz, EazzyAPI and EazzyBank account are all innovative products that eliminate the need to visit physical bank branches. The decision to transfer services to online platforms is plausible as it enhances convenience and good customer experience. Equity Bank managed to wow us with this one. Nevertheless, users have complained that some of these services are slow and that some features are not operational.

The Eazzybanking app is easy to use and safe. The app’s features are straightforward and users have an easy time operating it independently. Gone are the days when people covered the entire ATM screen and keyboard so that no one sees their pin, balance or withdrawn amount. The sad thing is that such people always give you that suspicious look when exiting. The app has commendable security features and regular updates will ensure that customer information remains protected. The few menu categories make it easy to use. The various display options have been well designed such that a user can click various call-to-action options without strain. I operated this app using various phone models and never experienced mis-clicks.

A new system undergoes some trials but this does not mean that it will perform perfectly once launched. The app has received praise and hate in equal measure. Some users applaud it terming it as a convenient, affordable and an easy way of banking while others feel that a lot remains to be done. There have been several user complaints ranging from slow loading, pin rejection, difficulties in creating accounts, lags, and login difficulties. We hope Equity Bank will look into these complaints about better user experience.

The flexible and convenience that comes with Eazzybanking is definitely welcome. Despite the hurdles faced by some customers, it is prudent to commend the lender for gifting us an innovation that will save us time.

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