2 Months Later, Lawyer Donald Kipkorir’s Range Rover is Still in the Showroom

4 years ago

don1About 2 months ago, city lawyer Donald Kipkorir took to social media to flaunt his new Range Rover Sport HSE 2016.

Fitted with custom number plates, ‘DBK 007’, the lawyer said he was the first in the county to own that particular model.

“RMA Motors, thanks for making me the first and only owner of this type of Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 model in Kenya: looking forward to collecting it,” he wrote on Twitter.

One Twitter user, ‘ @Makodingo, happened to visit RMA motors over the weekend and was surprised to find the car still in the showroom.

”Just wondering…does RMA provide parking for DBK or it was just chest thumping for nothing cos the car is still there?” he tweeted.


Well, I have to also co-ask because 2 months is a long time not to collect what is yours, yet he made everyone believe it was his. Was this simply a publicity stunt?

Source: Nairobi Wire




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