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22Bet: A Place to Bet Smart


22Bet: A Place to Bet Smart

Sports betting is one of the most popular past-time activities for Kenyans. It not only allows sports enthusiasts to increase their involvement with football or rugby but use their skill to increase the income in the meantime.

With that said, it can be confusing to navigate through the huge variety of online bookmakers to get to the one with the right selection of events and proper odds. Moreover, rushing to make a bet can ruin the whole experience.

No need to worry though, as sports bet portals like https://22bet.co.ke offer a convenient way to bet on the favorite teams and tournaments, making it possible to bet wisely.

What to Consider When Choosing a Place to Bet

Gambling on favorite sports can be truly enthralling. However, you should certainly approach it carefully and not make speedy decisions. Therefore, especially if you are a novice, some considerate steps should be taken in the first place. This will help in the long run.

Choosing Sport and Events

Most probably, any bettor would choose to bet on the sport they are passionate and knowledgeable about. Any Kenyan knows that football is the national sport, so that would certainly be the top choice for most.

However, it is also crucial to narrow down the choice of bets to the teams, leagues and tournaments you know best.

This increases the chances of winnings, as you are more likely to predict the correct outcome of the matches if you are familiar with the teams’ playing style and habits.

Besides, it involves you into the game even more and you get to analyze it more thoroughly, which will help in deciding on more risky bets with higher odds in the future.

Considering the Odds

The odds indicate the probability of a certain outcome and, therefore, give the players a hint on what to bet.

Despite that, it would not be wise to bet on the first team with high odds that you see. Why?

If the odds difference between two teams is too small – it is not a sure bet. This is not exact or constant data. Odds may change during the game.

However, the more the odds difference between the teams – the less money you will win.

Obviously, the team that is less likely to win will have low odds, but should they win – the profit would be much higher.

With that said, the odds should definitely be taken into consideration. Especially if the odds difference is high, it would not make sense to bet on a non-favorite. On the contrary, these odds would be more accurate than the ones that are closer in value to one another.

All in all, it is best to take the first advice and choose the sporting events that you are most familiar with and to rely more on your own expertise. If the odds do not have too much of a difference, this is a chance to test out your prediction. However, even if you are sure about the outcome, but the odds are ridiculously not in your favor (for instance, 8-1), it’s best to skip that particular match.

Why Choose 22Bet

Smart betting is the right betting. However, you would need a friendly, easy-to-use environment for it. There are several major factors that determine it:

  • Plenty of sports and events to choose from;
  • User-friendly interface to easily navigate through them;
  • Live betting on events in real time and the possibility to bet beforehand;
  • Accessibility from all devices to see the updates on demand;
  • Enough payment methods for flexibility in making deposits;
  • Fast withdrawals to get the winnings.

All of that is supported by 22Bet. Whether you want to support the team from your city in one of the Kenyan tournaments or bet on the clubs from the English Premier League, all major matches are visible in advance, while the rest is available on the date of the event and in real time.

The service is available on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. This ensures that the results and odds changes can be checked at any point in time.

More than a hundred payment methods ensure that you will find a way to make a deposit whichever way you prefer. Furthermore, there is a hefty 100% up to 15,000 KES welcome bonus, given after the first deposit.

Withdrawing the funds is also easy and safe, so you should have access to your winnings soon after the win.

All in all, both the betting platform and your own attentiveness and expertise are important to win from bets. The optimal experience will come with expertise and knowledge of the sport, but the convenient betting site, accurate odds and regular bonuses to keep you engaged will make the process fun, engaging and easy.

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