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3 Reasons Why A Potential Employer Might Reject Your Application


Two scenarios here; you applied for a job and received a rejection letter, or, you never receive any response at all! Both scenarios can be very frustrating. It is in this period that you are supposed to reflect on possible reasons the employers never got back to you, or did, but with bad news.
Here are some;
1. Your CV and Cover Letter are Badly Written
Badly written CVs and cover letters are automatically rejected. The recruiter will not even look at your application twice. To avoid this, ensure your CV looks good, written in good English (or the language you are required to apply in). Ensure what features at the top of your CV are qualifications and skills relevant to the job you are applying for.
2. You were Not Confident/Overconfident at the interview
Be your best self at an interview. Exhibiting lack of confidence is a big no, as this says a lot about how you would go about your daily tasks, in a timid, withdrawn manner, which is probably not the kind of person the employer is seeking. On the flipside, being overconfident can put the interviewer off, and this might also come off as arrogant and condescending.
3. You Never Followed Up
Always follow up with companies you apply to. If you have contacts of the recruiter, give them a call and inquire if they have received your application. Oh, and thank them for taking their time to go through it. Don’t ask what they think of you or your application, just find out if they’ve received it, and thank them. Following up might also give the recruiter special interest in you, because not many people follow up.
Jobs are in plenty, do not be discouraged. Just put your best foot forward and trust! Your destiny awaits you.

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