Bishop Kiuna’s brand new private jet cause a storm (Photos)


    Bishop Kiuna turned 50 last Saturday, December 10th. And the special gift for his birthday was a private jet which made tongues wag.

    Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) might be Kenya’s first televangelist to own a private jet. This comes after a donation was made towards the buying of the jet.

    Photos h ave emerged online of the private jet and social media is already abuzz with comments about the flashy pastor.

    The preacher turned 50 last Saturday and he rushed to the social media to convey a special message to his followers on his Facebook page.

    “The 10th of December is a very momentous and significant day in my life. On this day I was born! This particular day stands out even more because I will be crossing a great milestone as I turn 50. To identify and pursue purpose, and to train the eye of our focus are two irreplaceable aspects of greatness. But further to that, I have also learned that success demands an iron resolve to never ever give up! A close observation of God has taught me over the years that He is not a God of abandoned projects. That means He completes everything that He begins – in fact, He finishes before He begins. Consistent persistence wears out resistance!” Bishop Kiuna wrote in part.

    Bishop Kiuna posted the photo on Instagram but soon took it down after people started criticizing him for using God’s word to enrich himself.

    It was not clear if the flashy Bishop actually wanted a private jet or wanted the congregation to buy him one. He later deleted the Instagram post.

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