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Caroline Kangogo Biography  – The Untold Story of The Rise and Fall

Here is the Untold Story of The Rise and Fall of Corporal Caroline Jemutai Kangogo. As a girl, she was born with a dream, a dream to follow the footsteps of her father who is now a retired policeman, and become a police officer, with allegiance to    protect the citizens of her country and to maintain law and order.  But as fate will have it, the constraint of life, made her do the unthinkable. Which has left one of the biggest mysteries in the security space of Kenya.

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Early beginnings.

Caroline Jemutai Kangogo was born 1984 in Nyawa, Tambach Division in and former Keiyo district to Barnaba Kipkoech Korir and Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo as the firstborn. She attended Nyawa Boarding Primary School and joined St Francis Secondary School and later St Alphonsus Mutei Girls Secondary School, before joining the Kenya Police College in Kiganjo between 2008 and 2009 for her initial training.

While at Kiganjo, she obtained a First Class in Shooting Range Qualification. She went for a Corporal Course at the Kenya Police College in Kiganjo in 2014. Corporal Kangogo was married to Commissioner of Police Richard Kipkirui Ngeno, with whom she has two children.

Caroline had served at the Police Training College in Mombasa, the Kaloleni Police Station, Kenya Police College and Central Police Station in Nakuru. She is attached to the Nakuru Law Courts as a court orderly.

The 34-year-old was enlisted in the National Police Service on August 14, 2008 and was promoted from the rank of constable to corporal on January 20, 2021.


On Friday, 16 July 2021 the Fugitive cop, Caroline Kangogo, reportedly committed suicide inside her mother’s b athroom in Nyawa, Elgeyo Marakwet, in the Morning.

According to Rift Valley Police Commissioner, George Natembeya, Kangogo shot herself in the head inside her mother’s bathroom.

“Amejiua asubuhi ya leo, alionekana asubuhi hivi, aliingia kwa zile bathroom za nje akajipiga risasi,” Commisioner Natembeya said.

Kangogo has been on the run after she murdered two men alleged to be her lovers.


Corporal Caroline Kangogo and Husband:

Corporal Kangogo was married to Commissioner of Police Richard Kipkirui Ngeno, with whom she has two children. In her suicide note, Caroline admitted that she had been planning to murder her husband. At one point, she traveled to Mombasa and began spying on him with the intention of killing him. She only changed her mind to spare her kids from becoming orphans.


But how did all this start?  Corporal Caroline Jemutai Kangogo captured the headlines for the alleged murder of two men – her colleague Constable John Ogweno and businessman Peter Njiru Ndwiga. Here is the series of events that occurred in Caroline Kangogo’s victims alleged murder and her alleged suicide.

On Monday, July 5th at 8.40am a police officer, who resides at the Kasarani police houses, reported to the Nakuru Police Station that around 7am while he was reporting to work, he spotted PC John Ogweno’s car, a Toyota Corolla with broken windows and the engine still running.

When the officer peeped through the broken driver’s window, he saw PC Ogweno lying in the car seat with blood oozing from his nose. Officers who responded to the report discovered that the officer had been shot and he was dead.

About the death of John Ogweno, she had allegedly written:

For you my love JOHN OGWENO, our love was made in Heaven that’s why since Monday, a day after the incident, you always embrace me with love and forgiveness and tell me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. May our kids live in peace, love, forgiveness, success and being God-fearing. REST WELL AND SEE YOU SOON.

Records at the station’s armory indicated that he had been issued with a Ceska pistol with serial number 94676 and so the detectives suspected that whoever had taken the officer’s life had made away with the gun.

Investigations into the killing of PC Ogweno was immediately taken over by the Nakuru East sub-county criminal investigations officers, who found near the scene of the crime the mobile phone of PC Ogweno’s colleague, Cpl Kangogo, suspected to have been having an affair with PC Ogweno. On checking PC Ogweno and Cpl Kangogo’s house, the officers did not find the firearm. They noted that some of PC Ogweno’s clothes were in Cpl Kangogo’s house. Cpl Kangogo was nowhere to be seen.

On Tuesday, July 6, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) declared Corprol  Caroline Kangogo a person of interest and began a search for her. As they searched, the owner of Dedamax Kimbo hotel, Peter Kiumi Mugeshi, made a report through a call to the OCPP of Mugera Police Post that a man had been found dead in a hotel room.

It was established that the man’s identity was Peter Njiru Ndwiga, 32, and he had booked the room at 4.22pm on Monday in the company of a woman. In his pockets was a receipt for a 3,020-shilling payment made to Jogoo Kimakia Country Lodge in Thika using a bank card belonging to Cpl Caroline Kangogo.

The receipt indicated that the payment was made at 15.29hrs on July 5. Lodge employees said Cpl Kangogo had eaten lunch at the facility on Monday, July 5.

The DCI issued a statement, declaring Cpl Kangogo “armed and lethal” and cautioning people, particularly men, to be wary of her as she was “on a killing spree and was luring men to hotels before murdering them”. The DCI issued a toll-free line, to the public and asked them to report any information concerning the whereabouts of Cpl Kangogo.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo, the suspect behind the killing of Police Constable John Ogweno, in Nakuru, has shot dead yet another man in cold blood.

Caroline Kangogo allegedly lured Peter Ndigwa to a Hotel in Kimbo at around 4pm where She shot him on the head at pointblank range before emerging from the room at around midnight and fleeing to an unknown destination, leaving the body sprawled on the bed.

According to detectives, Kangogo told an attendant working at the hotel that she had gone to buy toothpaste, only for her to escape after committing the crime.

Items recovered from the deceased’s trouser pockets included a wallet containing a national identity card and Toyota Probox car keys.


About the death of For Peter Njiru Ndigwa, she had allegedly written:

For Peter Njiru Ndigwa, I don’t owe anyone an apology. He allegedly conned me Sh1.5 million whereby Sh300,000 I borrowed from my father’s retirement benefits…then he arrogantly tells me he isn’t paying and I even found him with a new Probox. Confirm with Corporal *, she has the cheques issued by Ndigwa. I served him right.

A post-mortem examination on PC Ogweno and Mr Ndwiga has revealed that they died from excessive bleeding after they were shot. Both suffered single bullet wounds to their heads, made at close range.

As the search for Cpl Kangogo entered Day 8 on Monday, July, 13, the Law Society of Kenya, through CEO Mercy Wambua, enlisted the services of veteran lawyer John Khaminwa to represent Cpl Kangogo in court and to bargain for her release on bond pending her arrest.

Sources said Cpl Kangogo had expressed fears for her life and therefore wished not to be detained in any police station. Senior Counsel Khaminwa, attaching conditions to the gesture, said Cpl Kangogo must surrender the weapons she is said to have to the police or to any of Mr Khaminwa’s law firm offices.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti had formed a team of elite detectives from several specialised units of the DCI to track down Cpl Kangogo.

On Friday, 16 July 2021 the Fugitive cop, Caroline Kangogo, reportedly committed suicide inside her mother’s bathroom in Nyawa, Elgeyo Marakwet, in the Morning.

According to Rift Valley Police Commissioner, George Natembeya, Kangogo shot herself in the head inside her mother’s bathroom.

“Amejiua asubuhi ya leo, alionekana asubuhi hivi, aliingia kwa zile bathroom za nje akajipiga risasi,” Commisioner Natembeya said.

The father of fugitive police officer Caroline Jemutai Kangogo disputed suspicions that his daughter could have been murdered, insisting that she took her own life.

This comes as Mzee Barnabas Korir, himself a former inspector of police, divulged more details about Kangogo’s last moments and how she sneaked into the family compound on a boda boda at around 10pm but was not seen by any family member until her lifeless body was discovered by her mother Leah during routine cleaning.

Mzee Kibor now says that from his own assessment of the scene, there is no indication of foul play that could point to murder.

“I do not like it when people go on with these insinuations that she might have been killed. In case you actually know for sure she was killed, then come forward and say so. But from what I see, this girl, my daughter, took her own life depending on how we found her,” said Mzee Kibor.

This, he reckons, can be deduced from the fact that the bathroom where she was found, which is 40 metres from the main house, was locked from inside.

“There is no way someone could have brought the body and dumped it in that bathroom, but still have it locked from the inside where we found her body. She locked herself inside,”.

The family has also revealed that it will not honour Kangogo’s death wish, found in a draft message on her phone that she be cremated. Her relatives have instead set her burial for Saturday, July 24.

Police have ruled that Kangogo’s death was an apparent suicide.

“It is suspected that she might have shot herself using the firearm from below the chin and the bullet exited on the head slightly above the left ear,” a police report said.

A Ceska pistol serial number G4670, which was cocked with a magazine loaded with eight rounds of ammunition – one in the chamber – one used cartridge and one bullet head were found on the scene.


On Friday 23rd , the family alongside homicide detectives waited for more than eight hours at the Iten County Referral Hospital but the government pathologist Dr, Johansen Oduor did not show up. He said he was notified of the post-mortem late and thus could not travel in good time.

Caroline’s brother Mark Kangogo said the family has agreed with chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor to have the autopsy done on Tuesday 27th of July 2021at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

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