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Chances of a Chopper Landing On Your Head Are Higher Than Getting A Job In Kenya


The title of this article is actually a statement by a tweep, falling under the hashtag #JobCrisisKE that was trending on Twitter a bigger part of yesterday.

Judging from the tweets streaming in, Kenyans collectively agree that finding a job in this country after you graduate is a nightmare, with one Miss Kay saying:

‘You know things are thick when you go for an interview and see someone with a PHD waiting for an internship interview’.

We have reached a point where a university degree is no longer of much value, not because everybody is going to university anyway, but because there are no jobs for you even after you go to university. Unless, of course, you know someone, or can pay your way into one.

I know of the very common (and good) advice to many of us job seekers; Do not seek jobs, create them.

This is beautiful advice, but which are these jobs we should be creating with zero skills in our chosen fields (with an education system that feeds you 100% theory 0% practical work).

This, therefore, means you are saying we should start businesses.


So all of us should start our own businesses, and get the money. Because this is the ultimate goal! No attention whatsoever to the fact that we actually have dreams, and goals, and interests in the careers we pursued.

What is important is at the end of the day we get to live by. We survive. If we can put food on our tables that should be enough.

So help me understand why we go to school for 12 years, and study subjects totally unrelated to the ultimate goal. This here, our dear parents and teachers, is an alternative, not the solution.

It wouldn’t be fair to say lack of job opportunities is a Kenyan problem, but it is OUR problem. Whether we are part of a bigger picture, the fact is we are still in it, and we need to deal with it.

What can we do?

I will sample a few solutions offered by Kenyans on Twitter;

Eastlands College ‏@ECTKenya To overcome unemployment, the youths should take up technical courses that will guaantee them jobs. #JobCrisisKE

Kiruthu Lucy ‏@KiruthuLucy  Creating a job not easy but try, Determine business model, Get customer no 1

chege james ‏@chegejames600  Reasons our education system needs upgrade #JobCrisisKE entrepreneurship should be a top priority,there’s too much dependence on employment

ACTIVIST™ ‏@Joboyengo We need to put an end to the so called “5 Years Experience”. #JobCrisisKE

Evelyn Kasina ‏@EvelynKasina #JobCrisisKE we need to look out for job opportunities be available. We are an innovative nation

In summary, this is the way out;

  1. Make use of job boards
  2. Turn to your talent
  3. Gain experience through internships and volunteering opportunities
  4. Self-employment
  5. Make use of social media
  6. Create a winning CV
  7. Have a targeted job search.

Over to you!

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