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You Cheated On Her, Would You Confess?


This is a pretty tough one, considering either way your actions are set to adversely affect your relationship.

Whether you decide to speak it out so you can ‘clear your heart and mind’, or for whatever other reason, this road is not going to provide a smooth ride, going forward.

But would you really confess?

Or would this be adding salt to an existing injury, only that your partner doesn’t know yet there’s an injury? Would you walk up to bae and tell her a mistake happened, and no, this time it is not money you overspent on unimportant things, it is someone else.

There is someone else, and something happened.

Will you look into her eyes and tell her it didn’t mean anything, that you don’t love that other person anyway, that it was a mistake, and you promise it will never happen again? Would you confess?

Here is what people in my circle say;

S: You should own up to your mistakes. Tell them you did it and ask for forgiveness.

K: What about the trust they had in you, it will be lost and when someone losses trust in you that’s the beginning of trouble.

H: If he or she cannot forgive you then where are you headed? For all I know a relationship is kept strong by the power of forgiveness.

C: Infidelity can bring you closer or drift you apart. Depends on how you both react to it.

J: The only relationship you cheat and you get forgiven and brings you closer to the other party is the relationship between you and God.

Haha. That last response though.

This is my take. Cheating is probably (actually has been proven to be) the worst thing that can happen to a relationship, that will most probably separate a couple.

Some people once cheated on, leave without thinking twice, no time to listen to your explanations as to why you decided to dip your hand in Wanjiru’s cookie jar.

Cheating is not only having sex with the other party, but sending them suggestive messages also counts. Wait, even looking at another female for longer than necessary, especially if she is well-endowed, is cheating.

Because we assume what you are imagining at that time is how it would be great if you could smash those goods.

No, don’t say but thinking about it is not doing it, even the Good Book says if you think about it in your mind, you’re guilty of the sin.

If it happens that you cheat on your partner, God forbid, tell her. Tell her so she can leave your cheating behind (I actually meant to say ass) alone.

If you know you are about to waste someone’s daughter’s time, please go ahead and tell her you are not in the deal for the long run.

Let her go mapema mapema, so she gets to rearrange her life, minus you in the equation.

You don’t know how many good plans and good intentions women have for the men in their lives, that they sometimes put aside a few of their own.

You have no idea how many of her plans she is ready to lay aside so you can prosper.

And you will go cheat on her, and you won’t tell her, so she can continue making you a better man, and you can continue impressing your side dish(es), with how well kept you are are, and how nice you smell and how well fed you are.

You small devil, tell your wife/girlfriend you are cheating on her, so she can scream, break all the glasses in the house, pull out her wig, tie a leso around her waist, behave like she just lost the whole world, then days/months later, she will get over you and move on.


Tell her, or I will. After whipping you like a child.

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