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Maintain Decorum In Public Places!


It is important to be authentically and unapologetically you, but sometimes we take this freedom too far.

There are basic moral and ethical practices we all ought to observe when in a setting that includes other people.

Abiding by these rules does not mean you are called upon to drop who you are to fit society’s expectations, but they are simply to allow a space where all people present in the setting, feel comfortable and at ease.

Have you ever attended a wedding that begins with great pomp, then as the day progresses you suddenly don’t want to be there anymore?

Not because the weather changed from sunny to cloudy, but because the behaviors of a particular person in that ceremony ruined your moods.

Maybe it wasn’t a wedding, say, a birthday party, an end of year office party, a family gathering.

So what are the basic public decorum principles you should have at your fingertips?

1. Stay sober

unless it is a drinking spree and all present are competing on who will be the most drunk when the day ends, please keep your mind fully functional, and alert.

No one wants to be handed the role of watching over Mr./Miss Tipsy Bordering Drunk at a public function.

2. Avoid cuss words 

WTF may look good in writing but doesn’t sound as fantastic when used in every sentence you speak.

3. Don’t stare

There is looking at someone, and then there is staring at people at a public function. This is very likely to make the recipient of your ogling very uncomfortable.

No one wants a particular person’s eyes following them everywhere, or suggestive looks that are uncalled for.

Eyes communicate a lot, we don’t want to know what’s going on in your mind through your eyes.

4. Stop shouting people’s names

This is especially for those people who know EVERYONE at the event.

One minute they are shouting Otieno’s name, then they suddenly realize Wanjiku also came, oh, and that’s Joe! Oh, no Tim also came, hey Tim! Relax.

You can always walk up to the person of interest and still have an amazing reunion.

5. Stop complaining about everything

The food is not as good as you expect to, the seats are not arranged to your taste, oh, look at those flowers, aren’t they just hideous! Relax mami.

Things may not be perfect, and if you are just an invitee, make do with what is there.

You don’t have to make everyone else feel too bad for things they can do nothing about.

None is perfect, but try be a little more tolerable the next time you attend a public function. Otherwise, don’t go at all.

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