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Don’t Risk Your Life In The Name Of Partying!


Let me tell you a story:

Back in campus, one time a friend invited us for a house party at her friend’s house, you know those parties where the organizers are all boys and they suddenly remember a party can’t be certified as one if there are no girls? Right.

So the girls are sent special invitations, which is a text message that says, ‘Kuna bash kwa Manu. Kuna drinks. Kam na kina Cate.’

Because ‘me and kina Cate’ don’t have plans, we say, why not? Off we go to Manu’s!

Little do we know that Manu ordered a cake, laced with weed, popularly known as ‘weed cake’, and will serve this to us, without our knowledge.

To cut a long story short, one of my friends spent the night in a hospital, screaming and crying saying she thinks she is dying. That she can see death. That she feels she is kinda out of this world, in a deathly way.

Never again.

So, my loves, here are a few tips to help you stay sane when you are called for an impromptu house party;

1. Carry your own drinks

You can hand them over to the party host as gifts or something, but make sure you are served YOUR drinks that you came with.

2. Eat at home to your fill before going to people’s parties

This will help you avoid biting into every edible thing at the party, and even better, will help keep the alcohol down! No one loves a drunk who soils their carpets with vomit.

3. Don’t taste the drinks in your friend’s glasses

They probably know what it is they are imbibing, but you don’t. Do not accept explanations such as, ‘it’s only whiskey with a little vodka’.

A sip of that concoction could be the beginning of your blackout.

4. Stay alert

People put things in other people’s drinks and foods when the recipients are not watching. Keep your eyes every so often on your drink.

The most common thing that friends do is pour a little vodka in your whiskey, or something else to make your drink ‘stronger’. Stay on guard.

5. Lastly, listen to the message your body sends you

If you feel having any more of the drink, or food might result in you dancing azonto on top of the table, then go home you are drunk.

Don’t start proclaiming how you are a pro and you normally drink three jugs of beer. We have heard that type of talk before. It happens just before the noisemaker pees on themselves or starts fighting the host.

Very important, always have a designated driver. Even if you will take a cab home, have someone with you who is sober enough to remember the directions to your house.

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