Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend Starts a Dramatic Restaurant Fight, Accuses Eric of ‘Cheating’ on Her


    Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli have been showbiz’s sweetheart couple for the last 2 years, but it would seem that there could be trouble in paradise.

    According to SDE, in a leaked video sent exclusively to SDE, Eric Omondi’s fiancee, Chantal is seen furiously confronting the comedian over airtime sent to a couple of ladies.

     “Why are you sending her airtime, and she is not the only one,” the Italian rants, “see, there are transactions of 200, 500….”

    Omondi is at pains to explain the messages and manages a weak,

    ” I did not send her airtime.”

    Chantal who is having none of it storms off but not before dumping a glass of water on his face.

    The footage is believed to have been captured in a popular Nairobi restaurant, however, attempts made to reach Eric Omondi and her Italian girlfriend for comment were fruitless.

    It was all a stunt. Anything for attention.

    The two were trying to get our attention so that they can promote an app for purchasing airtime.

    Eric Omondi & girlfriend,  Chantal Grazioli Getting Cozy in the Pool during happy times.

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