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Your Expectations Disappoint You, Not People.


Here’s a secret. You want to be able to well handle disappointments? Have no expectations of others at all!

The reason many of us are too often disappointed is we put faith and trust in other people, forgetting that at the end of the day, we are all only human.

We hold grudges against people who have disappointed us, label them names, carrying burdens that only hurt us and slow us down.

If you expected a relative to ‘connect’ you with that job with a fat salary and he failed to do so, go work hard and get a job title that you have actually worked for, and stop feeding us with tales of how bad and selfish people are in your family and that the only trustworthy person is you. Move on already!

If you put your heart, love, trust, life in your partner’s hands, and one day he/she woke up and decided Nah, you are not the one he/she wants anymore, then we will give you a short period to mourn, not exceeding two months, after which we expect you to move on, find yourself another partner or hobby, or something.

We are really not interested in stories of how your heart has been broken and disappointed unless you put in a song or write it down. Otherwise, move on.

You have worked so hard at school, scored clean grades, went to a top university, got a good job but then you suddenly realize nobody really cares apart from those who need you.

Don’t fret over it and move on. It is how life is, the more successful you are, the more friends and family you will have, but very few of them really genuinely care about you.

Dare you go broke, you will be very disappointed to learn that even your spouse was there only for the benefits.

The only way to avoiding gnashing your teeth when people and situations disappoint you is having no expectations at all, or very little. Be genuine, do your best, and let life take its course.

Easier that way.

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