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Good Girls Get Pregnant First!


The good girls get pregnant first! Not exactly believable but it’s been tested and proved to be true, in most cases.

This happens when they are 23, with no jobs, and absent baby daddies.

The bad girls go out there and continue being bad.

They get good jobs, date awesome guys, and finally when they are tired and worn out at 28, they settle down with a responsible, financially stable man who has time for his family.

Sometimes the bad girls don’t get married at all.

This is not because they are too burnt out after a rough ride around the world, but because by the time they are done playing, they know exactly who they do not want, and they know that most people are exactly who they do not want.

Good girls waste so much time being nice and auditioning for wifey roles that they forget the producer of the show might not even say yes to them at the end!

They waste a lot of time trying to please and look perfect in the eyes of society that they forget their worth, and that most people learn how to treat you by watching how you treat yourself!

Good girls have been taught that the ultimate goal of a woman is to find a man and settle down.

That at 30 years of age it is not okay for a woman to continue pursuing her dreams if she doesn’t have a man by her side.

That it is okay for a man to be 400 years old with no wife in sight because society will understand they are only taking their time in picking the right partner.

Bad girls know it is a good thing to get married, it is even better if the marriage is a happy one, and they also know that they have a choice.

That marriage is a choice and not an obligation. That having babies is a choice and not an obligation. That having a man by your side is a choice and not an obligation.

Bad girls respect the choices other women make, understanding very well every woman has the freedom to choose the path they want to follow in life, and no one should make them feel they matter less because they got married, or failed to get married.

Bad girls know society will continue judging them harshly because many times, they will refuse to conform. They just want to be them.

But bad girls know they are not really bad, they only advocate for a society where every individual can freely stay true to the person they are.

Whichever choice you make, so long as it doesn’t kill someone or rob someone of their deserved rights, you should be free to practice it.

Bad girls know good girls sometimes disappoint society, like having babies before the time society expects you to, but bad girls don’t judge them 🙂

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