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Here’s What Your Favorite Color Says About You!


I was having a conversation with a friend when he asked me what theme color I would love for my house. RED! I screamed.

He looked at me puzzled, wondering why I would want such a deep color to adorn the walls of my house. I asked him what color he would prefer then if he wouldn’t want red, he said he doesn’t have a favorite color.

No, wait. How do you not have a favorite color? How have you never seen how beautiful the rainbow is and wanted to have one of the colors for yourself? Why would someone not have a favorite color!

Anyway, I know you have a color you love, that makes your heart skip beats whenever you purchase or see something beautiful of that color!

Your favorite color is part of your identity, as it says a lot about the type of person you are.

With this short analysis, I not only tell you about yourself based on the color you love but also help you ascertain which color your personality is!

Red– People who love red are said to be outspoken, open to new opportunities, the life parties, loyal and creative. Make good leaders. On the flipside, these people are very judgmental and get easily bored. Sounds familiar?

Green– Lovers of green are cool, calm and collected. They are deep thinkers, overthinkers actually, slow to act, wise and witty, with a good mind for business. On the flipside, they are slow to make decisions, as they like weighing all options, that they sometimes may miss out on amazing opportunities.

Purple– They love class and grandeur. They love status and standing out in a crowd. They are also proud and sometimes may come out as arrogant.

Yellow– Lovers of yellow are all warm and lovely. They are fun to be around, risk takers, slow to anger, great conversationalists and creative! On the flipside, they don’t know how to keep secrets, and may not be too loyal, as they tend to have so many friends.

Pink– They are lovely and easy to be around. They are also shy and sweet. Deep thinkers with good leadership skills. On the flipside, they are people pleasers and tend to put aside their needs in order to make others happy.

Well, what’s your favorite color? Do you feel the analysis above partly or completely reflects who you are? Go on and tell us in the comment section below!

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4 years ago

My favorite color is red as well…yaay,we love the same color.And the analysis above does reflect who I am…who would have thought colors speak this much about a person?