How Sameer Africa Chairman Nashud Merali Was Conned 10 million

2 years ago

“Ten days is a reasonable estimate for purposes of these investigations,” submitted the prosecution.

According to court documents,

The Sameer Africa chairman was outside the country on a business trip when he received the call from the fraudsters,  and therefore gave a go ahead to his Finance Director to process Ksh.10 million as payment for the land, believing he spoke to the President.

The suspects gave the Finance Director an account number in which he deposited the money.

“That the nature of investigations in this case is complex since it requires communication data from several service providers which ordinary requires time , the investigations require time to establish the details of the bank account which was used to defraud Ksh.10 million and the signatories to the account,” reads the affidavit.

The seven were arrested on Friday and Saturday in a sting operation by detectives from the DCI.



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