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How To Win Her On The First Date


The first date essentially serves to give both of you a platform to get to know each other and see if the two of you can tango. Therefore comes with no doubt that on the first date you should display your best behavior, for you to bag a second date for yourself.

However, here’s how you can win her on her first date and cut the long chase short;

1. Set Up The Date

You automatically lose out if she’s the one who suggests the date and sets everything up. Take charge, ask her out and give her a day you two can meet.

2. Choose the Location

Just setting up a date is not enough, choose the restaurant, go over there and check out what they have to offer so that on the date day, you are prepared. Find out what she loves eating and confirm if it’s available at the restaurant/date location. Find out if she’s allergic to any possible foods as well. Small things like these matter.

3. Keep Time

If you agreed that you were to pick her up, then be at her front door on time. Don’t keep her waiting till her makeup starts getting old then you show up. Worse, if she was to find means by which to get to the date venue,  ensure you are there before her. This shows you respect her time and intend to do so in future as well.

4. Dress Well

Please don’t show up to a date in jeans and a Man United t-shirt! Get yourself a decent suit, or nice khaki pants or something casual but still classy. She will surely put effort into how she looks, this ought to be reciprocated. Look good for her just as she has made effort to look good for you. Also, smell good. Splash some cologne on yourself or put flowers under your clothes.

5. Compliment Her

Tell her she looks good. Tell her that you love her smile. Tell her she has such soft skin you’ve never seen before. Make her feel like a treasured jewel from day one.

6. Let Her Talk

This will make her feel like she matters and that what she has to say matters to you. In between your sentences, allow her to chip in with her own views and sentiments. Don’t override the conversation. Listen to her also. You will definitely be doing a lot of that if the relationship moves on to the next level.

By doing all these, what you will have done is fulfill the five pillars of winning a woman’s affection and attention, make her feel special, make her feel appreciated, make her feel wanted, make her feel valued and make her feel loved.

At the end of this first date, if all goes right to the end, you will have won her heart. No doubt.




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