iFlix, the Malaysian Video Streaming Service, to launch in Kenya


    iFlix is set to roll out its services in Africa this year and Kenya is set to be among the targeted African countries.

    The Malaysian video subscription video-on-demand service will pitch its tent in other African countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Ghana.

    The company began operations in 2015 in Malaysia and has since rolled out its services to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

    The decision to enter the African market was, in part, advised by the fact that African is transitioning into the mainstream of the global economy.

    This, in turn, presents an opportunity for introducing consumers to new ways of consuming content. The objective is to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of connected viewers thanks to the increasing smartphone penetration.

    The company is on a mission to net the growing African smartphone user base and large youth population.

    It joins a growing list of giant companies in the global streaming service that is available to African consumers.

    The same case applies to Kenya.

    iFlix will not be the only player in the subscription-based video on demand streaming service block.

    It will have to compete with Amazon’s Prime Video which entered the Kenyan market late last year and South Africa’s ShowMax.

    Earlier this year, Netflix also rolled out its operations in Kenya.

    The good news is that iFlix offers world class services and it is home to thousands of popular series, comedies, and dramas.

    However, the company can increase its chances at success by fine-tuning its mobile so that it meets the unique needs of users in Kenya.

    A good example is with what Netflix did.  The company had to start allowing users to save videos for offline viewing and even went a step further to allow them to save on microSD cards.

    Recently, ShowMax had to make changes to its Android Application to address user concerns.

    The company is serious about appealing to local users since it has fine-tuned its application with the aim of optimizing data consumption.

    Also, users can now pay via mobile money.

    New entrants in the market will, therefore, be forced to consider customizing some of the app features to meet the unique needs of users living in emerging markets, Kenya included.

    Apart from Hollywood, Nollywood, and Bollywood movies, the company plans to include other African shows and movies and exclusive African series.

    This is definitely a step in the right direction.

    iFlix Head of Africa Andre de Wet was quoted saying that the company is focused on providing a wide selection of premium content at an affordable price.

    He added that they are prepared to take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead as well as face challenges in the diverse and exciting African environment.

    There is a chance that iFlix Kenya will give consumers a free 30-day trial just to give them a taste of the iFlix experience.

    In most cases, free trials give potential customers unlimited access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and series on at least three devices.

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