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Showmax Kenya Packages, Content & Contacts


Showmax Kenya has been around for quite some time now and its presence is definitely being felt.

The company provides internet subscription video on demand (SVOD) Services.

It appears as though online streaming services are taking a keen interest in the Kenyan market and that can only mean that the subscription rate is growing. Or promising.

First came Netflix, and then enters Showmax.

An outstanding product by Showmax has to be the Showmax Select plan that is specifically designed for mobile.

The platform is optimized for mobile and its data consumption is “reduced” according to the company’s CEO.

Since its entry into the Kenya market, Showmax has partnered with SEACOM, a submarine cable operator, to install caching servers in Nairobi and Safaricom’s Mpesa for easy payment solutions.

In case you are one of those with little information about Showmax and its services. We are here happy to offer some valuable insights.


For starters, you must sign up for an account. Also, as is the case with Netflix, your internet connection must be good for a great experience. Your device must be Internet-enabled.

Showmax Kenya Packages and Prices: 

1. Showmax Select

Showmax Select gives you a customized selection for both local and international content at Ksh. 330 per month.

This includes over 8,500 movies and episodes, and SD stream quality.

You can register up to five devices and stream on one at a go. You can watch via your phone, tablet, computer, Chromecast, and Airplay.

Payments are made via Mpesa. According to Showmax, this package is the first of its kind since it is optimized for mobile.

Subscribers can also enjoy watching their favorite shows while saving on data thanks to certain data saving features that have been integrated.

They can do so at a video resolution of 526p. It can support the Android and iOS platforms.

Examples of local shows you can expect to watch on the Showmax Select plan are Churchill Live, Auntie Boss, and Real Househelps of Kawangware.

For those who enjoy Hollywood shows, well most of us do, you can watch Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Mr. Robot, among others.

2. Showmax Premium

Showmax Premium gives subscribers unlimited access to local and international channels at Ksh. 880 per month. It comes with a video resolution of 720p.

You can register up to five devices and stream on 2 concurrently.

You can enjoy your favorite shows via Smart TV, Android, iOS, web, Apple TV, and Chromecast platforms.

With this bouquet, you have several payment options namely Card, Paypal, and M-Pesa.

Both plans allow you to download up to 25 shows per month. What this also means is that downloaded content will be available for viewing for a period of 30 days.

Downloads are charged from your data separately.

You can also download the Showmax app and watch your favorite shows or movies offline.

Offer: Buy three months subscription of showmax via M-Pesa and get a one-month free subscription. 

Showmax Kenya contacts




Reception of Streaming Services

Showmax was launched in August 2015 in South Africa.

It is a product of Naspers, a giant media, and internet company, which has several brands and subsidiaries under it and they include OLX, Movile, Multichoice, and MWEB.

It has since the extended its operations to many African countries as well as foreign lands such as Poland.

Adoption of online streaming services is yet to pick up well in Kenya.

First, relevant laws are not strict on online content privacy.

That is why you can watch your favorite movie or series from illegal sites such as torrents.

You can also get a copy of the content via a flash disk. Also, internet penetration is growing but a majority of the target audience cannot afford it yet.

The demand for quality TV content and movies is definitely growing and this may ultimately encourage higher subscriptions.

Whether this happens or not we can only wait and see how things unfold.

It is, however, prudent to assume that subscriptions will increase over the next couple of years.

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Hi. I have no volume on showman and no one responds to your chats