Importance’s of a dental routine for pregnant women


    When pregnant, one may not really take care of their hygiene. However, neglecting one’s oral health may harm the unborn child.

    During pregnancy, there is increased level of hormones and hormonal imbalances which may cause t he gums to swell.

    Gingivitis, a condition in which gums become inflamed. A risk of contracting oral thrush is also high in pregnant women as hormonal imbalances can cause dry mouth and cracked gums.

    There are Importance’s of daily oral routine to make sure that the mother and the child are safe.

    • Eating healthy

    Pregnant women should eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water. This ensures that they have healthy gums and strong teeth.

    • Brush and floss daily

    Pregnant women should remember to floss and brush their teeth at least twice a day, Flossing is also recommended to ensure no food particles are left between the teeth.

    • Visit your dentist regularly

    Expectant mothers should visit the dentist regularly and should make a habit of inquiring about their oral hygiene from time to time.

    •  Avoid dental works

    Simple dental procedures should be avoided if the procedure requires general anesthesia

    •  Avoid x-rays

    Although it is not medically evident of the effects of x-ray radiation on the unborn child it is advisable for pregnant mothers to avoid x-rays at all costs. The necessity of dental x-rays may arise due to cracked teeth and swollen gums.

    • Tell your dentist all the drugs you are using

    It is advisable to discuss with your dentist on all the medications you are using. This will give enough information to the dentist while prescribing oral care medication.

    •  Increase your mineral intake

    It is advisable during pregnancy for a mother to get enough calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. This will ensure that the mother gets healthy bones and will not risk the unborn child.

    Pregnant mothers can get their dose of minerals by taking mineral supplements. However, over the counter drugs are not advised

    • Dental routines in pregnant women should be taken seriously

    Losing and brushing should be seriously considered. There should be a strict oral hygiene schedule followed to avoid infections and to maintain that good dental wellness.

    Dental checkups should be put into consideration. While most people visit a dentist twice a year, pregnant women are advised to visit the dentist all through the trimesters semester.

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