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Jailed To A WhatsApp Group? Here’s Your Escape!


I am currently a member of about 10 WhatsApp groups, all in which I actively participate.

One is a family group, where we get to laugh at Dad’s unnecessary overuse of emojis (we just passed a law which limits the total number of emojis allowed in a single text), and also get to see photos of Mum’s farm that she proudly shares with us.

The other groups are a combination of different things I am involved in, from volunteer organizations to class groups, to a book club.

And all these groups serve me a purpose, (this includes mushene to give me feed for my blog).

Before this, I was in about 20 WhatsApp groups! Most of which, you guessed right, added me no value.

But I didn’t leave.

Why you ask? because I was afraid of what other people will think.

What will they think? What will the friend who added me think? Will they feel I deem myself too important, that I cannot ‘hang out’ in a group with people like them? Is it rude of me to leave?

That wasn’t my intention, I was simply not interested in the group’s agenda! Eventually, I left, without so much as a goodbye.

We have made WhatsApp groups too personal that leaving one feels like walking away from a lover.

People share their secret escapades (especially in groups where you don’t know most members in real life), work details, family information and all the street gossip (Of course when we do this, we forget the power of screenshots, the power of a stranger lurking in the dark with all your details in their hands).

We also forget to assess the value that these WhatsApp Groups bring to us.

Have you ever opened your WhatsApp application and rolled your eyes at the 6,000 unread messages in a group, and went ahead to clear chat without reading a single thing? You don’t belong there.

You have no use for whatever feed the group provides. LEAVE.  If you had used, you would at least go through a couple.

Do you get really angry every time you go through posts by members of the group? Are you unable to resonate with most of the statements they frequently make? Press EXIT GROUP today, because anger it too strong an emotion to constantly feel over a group!

There are bigger things to get angry at, like matatus that shukisha you 30km from your destined stage.

If you never read, never understand anything that goes on in a WhatsApp group then stop wasting your time.

If you read, do understand, but totally have no interest in what goes on, then what are you still doing there? Why are we making our lives complicated and under the control of social media platforms? If it is not serving you, leave! It really doesn’t matter who added you or who the admin is.

We never really understand how much influence these WhatsApp groups have on us until you leave and finally breathe a sigh of relief. And you know what’s even better? You don’t miss ever being there!

Over to you.

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