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Jobless? Stop Complaining And Do Something!


A while back I wrote an article on the current job crisis in Kenya, with the youth now taking to the streets carrying placards advertising their qualifications to any willing employer who is kind enough to give them a job.

The situation has become so bad that there was a time the hashtag #JobCrisisKE was trending at the top on Twitter, and one tweep said it is easier for a chopper to land on your head than get a job in Kenya. Very true.

Yesterday someone posted in one of the many WhatsApp groups I am in that the latest youth to venture onto the streets begging for a job had been contacted by CEO of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

Fantastic! A weekly publication immediately after contacted the overjoyed girl and she had this to say to the youths, ‘You should be aggressive. Jobs will not come on their own. You have to go out and work towards getting one.’

I had to quote her directly because I could not have said that in a better way. Can we all stop complaining about the lack of jobs and do something? Can we all just get up, get off our phones, and start making steps towards getting that job we want?

We have complained, they have heard us, they are doing nothing. Are we, the youth of this country, going to continue sitting down Facebooking and Tweeting all day complaining how everything is so unfair and education is so useless and employers are so corrupt and-  Stand up and go do what you gotta do!

We cannot all throng the streets with placards, but each of us can do something.

I’ll tell you this, I currently don’t have an 8-5 job that assures me of a salary at the end of every month. And I will never sit down and start pitying myself and worrying and beating myself up and cursing everybody I think is blocking my path to prosperity. No one owes me anything.

It is up to me to think, creatively, innovatively, actively take the lead in the direction my life takes. I am happy that many youths are part of this team.

The ones carrying placards in the streets, those knocking on Uwezo Funds/YEDF doors with great ideas and vision, those starting small businesses to keep going, those sending out CVs every day, those volunteering their skills and getting better at what they can do, making valuable connections.

Everyone doing something. Those of us who have refused to lie down and complain and weep and curse.

We are already a generation that has been labeled as lazy, undecided and the worst to ever exist. I don’t think these labels are true. But if we continue complaining and sleeping, then they will be true.

Let’s do something.

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