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Kenyan Donna Akinyi Obera Wins a prestigious Prize as Best promoter in Norway


A success story that should amaze everyone in Kenya, but who does not get much attention, recently occurred in Norway. A Kenyan promoter, CEO of his own company OberaX2, Donna Akinyi Obera, has been awarded the prize as the best promoter in all the Scandinavian countries. Her success comes as a result of many years of hard work in the industry, and the years of growth and effort put into her own brand.

Donna was born in Kisumu, Kenya, and founded her own company many years ago. The hope was to create blest about East African musicians all over the world. She has spent the last couple of years promoting the aforementioned musicians, and having set up events all over Kenya, as well as in some other African countries. This promoter, with a social personality, has worked hard to create a name worldwide, and is finally recognized for the hard work. The OberaX2 company she founded has also made it possible for her to bring international artists to Kenya.

The price she received is very prestigious. It addresses various promoters, who work in many different fields, from all over the world, and collect them all for the event. They compare the work they have done and the success they have achieved on behalf of their companies and businesses. Only one of the many promoters is allowed to call themselves the best, so the fact that the award went to a female Kenyan promoter shows how much work she has spent building up her brand.

Several of the most successful and hard-working promoters in the industry are usually present at such events. Event, artist and casino promoters are all present. Promoting is a rather complicated industry, with a number of casino promoters doing great work to reach their annual goals, and possibly gaining recognition as some of the best in the world.

Casino promotion is both complex detail work and long-term strategy, and is also one of the most interesting positions that most often receive recognition from the rest of the industry. Nevertheless, it is not only promoters who work at casinos that can win, as Donna has shown this year.

According to Obera, her plans for the future are very varied and bursting with hard work. She plans to continue her work on promotion, and arranges even more events in Kenya, but also to expand beyond the country’s borders. She hopes to host events in the United States, the United Kingdom, other major European countries as well as expanding to nearby African countries. She hopes to build OberaX2 to a size that makes the company one of the most successful promotional companies in the world, big enough to work with some of the biggest stars in the world. She can show that she has worked with some of Kenya’s greatest artists, and hopes to do the same at an international level.

She also hopes to open a beauty salon in her own city, and eventually grow into a big chain known throughout Kenya. The grand opening of the salon took place on December 3, and has been brilliant since then. With such a big prize between hands, it is no surprise that Donna hopes to step up one level by working more, and harder, than ever.

Hopefully, she can achieve some of her dreams, at least, and succeed in working both internationally and in her own homeland.

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