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Latest Fashion Trends in Kenya 2017


Kenyans are usually quick to pick up and adopt new fashion trends, and as the New Year started they did not miss out on the latest fashion trends of 2017.

Here are some of the clothes and accessories Kenyans have been rocking since the year began;

Swanky Sunglasses


Credits to this fashion trend could be given to the dry, hot month of January. The sun is up, and the best protection for your eyes is a nice, trendy pair of fashionable sunglasses.

A few Kenyans have taken it a notch higher, with some adopting eyeglasses with colorful rims to keep up with the fashion.

This trend is surely not going away anytime soon, seeing as the dry weather has continued into February.

Dashiki (Ankara) Hoodie

ankara hoodie

This is definitely the most popular fashion piece in the country right now.

The dashiki hoodie has been rocked by celebrities and the common Mwananchi alike, with the same design coming in different materials.

This hoodie is prominently featured on Kenyan fashion stores like Jumia and Kilimall, going for as low as kes. 2000.

In the streets of Nairobi, one can purchase the dashiki hoodie for as low as kes. 1000.

Ankara t-shirts, tops, Pants

ankara top

The Ankara craze in Kenya does not end with the dashiki hoodie, Kenyans are spoiling themselves silly with Ankara clothing of all designs and types.

From pants to crop tops to men’s fashion t-shirts, to shoes, it does not end. Those who are fashion savvy and a little more creative have gone even a notch higher, by creating beautiful Ankara handbag pieces, watch bands and wallets.

Official Suits!

This comes so unexpectedly of our young Kenyan men and women.

For a long time, Kenyan men fashion has leaned towards trendy shirts and pants, and when it comes to shoes, boots have been it.

This year, however, more men are rocking official suits, complete with the tie, cufflinks and pocket squares in place. Surprised that fall under the latest fashion trends? Bet not.

Celebrities such as King Kaka and Holy Dave have been at the forefront in making the official suave man look a fashion trend.


The year has just begun, as days unfold we will be able to see Kenyans unveiling more fashion trends, some interesting and some just- NOT.

It is usually the young people who come with the surprises, so let’s wait and see what the rest of the year has in store!

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